how to eat an elephant


I have been away from the computer except for dribs and drabs here and there because I’m in the process of eating an elephant.  If you are often overwhelmed, as I am, by all the projects that go along with owning a home you know of what I speak.  Usually I see them all before me like a very large, tough hided, did I mention enormous, big eared, long trunked elephant.  But as my wise husband pointed out, you go about eating an elephant one bite at a time.  Occasionally he can be wise, but more often what comes out of his mouth are the lyrics to any and every song from the 1960’s to the 1990’s.  I guess his brain file can’t handle anything from the 2000’s.  The kids and I sometimes play a game where we blurt out a word and he flips through his brain file and starts singing a song with that word.  Okey, dokey I digress.  I was talking about the elephant.  Anyway, the bites I’m digesting right now are keeping the gardens weeded and dooming Japanese beetles to soapy water drownings, and painting and purging unnecessary clutter around the house.  Large item clutter-and boy does it feel good!  Would anyone like an antique clawfoot bathtub, a couch and chair with ratty soiled upholstery, a wedding dress?   The good news in all of this elephant eating is that when I finish I will get this space as my …….my……………I can’t bring myself to use this word……….studio!  The bad news is there is no air conditioning or heat out there, and it is full of spiders.  But the space, the light, and the fact that I can trick it out exactly the way I want it (within budgetary constraints of course – this is the other most frequent thing out of my husband’s mouth) is dreamy.  I know I’m completely flippin spoiled.  And tomorrow I’m taking a day off from eating elephant and checking in with all of you!



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  1. Ayama says:

    Jumping up and down for joy for you here (might I add like an elephant)… Ooh Can’t wait to see what you do with your space… Hmmm it might need a few Nellies here and there are that post…. 😉

  2. threesneakybugs says:

    Yippee skippee! That is dreamy. Down where you’re at I’m thinking you can deal with a space heater in the winter, summer with out air condition – that would be rough on me. Heading down to the inlaws in southern IL this weekend. We’ll see how many excuses I can come up with for staying in the air. Now, I’M digressing. I can’t wait to see what you do with the place.

  3. Patricia says:

    Jackie is BAAAACK! (“The girls are back in town”–does the hub know that one?)

    I simply cannot wait to see the Smooth new studio and what comes out of it.

  4. MichelleB says:

    Congrats on your dreamy new space! How exciting.

  5. yay yay yay to a studio for jackie! an escape, a place just for you… it’s so deserved.

  6. simpledaisy says:

    I totally know what you mean about the elephant! I get sooo overwhelmed in the summer…between keeping up with the outside and trying to keep the inside clean! Plus working out etc. etc. etc.
    Honestly…I usually neglect the inside cleaning the most in the summer…don’t come over and touch anything b/c it’s guaranteed to be dusty and filled with dog hair!
    Hey congrats on training for a half marathon!!! I have done one and it was super fun but I am not sure I am a distance runner. The most I run now is 4 miles!! Yeah for you! Make sure to blog all about it!!!

  7. What a great space! I can hardly wait to see what you do with it. I was interested in the fact that you so timidly used the words “my studio.” Boy, can I relate to that. Why is it that I have been a professional artist for more than 20 years and am a trained artist, but those words stick in my throat? Like it is pretentious or something. That’s probably why I mostly refer to mine as “Snippyville.” Why the embarrassment, I wonder?

    By the way, once you get that studio open, next is the Etsy shop, right? I have two weeks left of summer vacation. = ( My main goal for that time is to get myself on Etsy.

    Anyway, I am anxious for the grand opening of your studio. It’s a great space. jan

  8. I love it! What a great space! We have been overwhelmed with our home lately too. A pipe broke upstairs, our garbage disposal konked out after my love turned it on while a small shot glass had fallen down the drain, we had to get the air fixed which cost us dearly, bugs are eating my garden all up even with the soapy water sprayed on them, especially Japanese beetles, our walls need painting…….ack..I am a big whiner…needless to say it is an elephant indeed. I so look forward to seeing more of your to be studio and your work. So excited for you. xoxo

  9. Diane says:

    YAY! Looks great!

    and I want that claw foot tub… : )

  10. Leslie says:

    Wow, you are going full speed ahead! Makes me tired to think about it 🙂 That’s such a great space and you’ll have such fun once its done!

  11. Melinda says:

    sqeeeeeee! its officialy declared!
    I am so stoked for you and your rocking studio space!

  12. ellen kelley says:

    A room of one’s own….
    All I want is a room somewhere…

    It is going to be loverly and wonderful and magical and you deserve it. I am excited to see it.

    More than one elephant resides in this house this summer and just keeping up with the pachyderm poo is making me one unhappy keeper.

    I am trying to make peace with it all, but really, it’s been a challenge…sort of like a second bout with crabby, crazy menopause, as if the first time around wasn’t confusing enough.

    I am so happy for you and send love your way.

  13. Rachel says:

    Good luck with the studio! It looks like an amazing space!

  14. molly says:

    Jackie, this is so so great! I am starting to think I need to turn our guestroom into a guest room/studio….

    Cant wait to see more of this space as you get settled!

  15. marissa says:

    oh it is going to look so great, some day hopefully I can have a room of my own, instead of um the entire living room

  16. Karen Mowrey says:

    Thank you for this post. I read it a while ago then life got crazy here….now I return to ask you to pass the salt and pepper and hand me a fork. The “eating an elephant” phrase has been going through my head ever since. We have referred to our house as “the white elephant” ever since we got it. Those who do not know about a “white elephant” should google it. Anyway, since the time you posted this I have begun major digging in as well. There is nothing safe in my downstairs right now. Peeling, cleaning, purging, shredding, moving large items…. I think I may have choked down an eyelash and a toenail!

  17. batspit says:

    I want to go with when you go to IKEA. You pick the store, I’ll meet you in the shelving section. I’ll be the one drooling over the .25 planks.

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