papercut sketch by you.

When the studio is completed I hope to spend lots of time making papercuts.  Jan calls her studio Snippyville – I love it!   Previously I have used patterns, but I have wanted to branch out more into my own designs and so far this is the process I’ve come up with.  I’ve been wanting them to be more of line cuttings rather than straight forward papercuts.  So the first step is to sketch my design as above.  Then I begin the process of cutting around the outline, starting in the middle of the design and saving the outline cuts for last.  This way my pattern stays attached to the paper.

papercut progress by you.

Then only after I’ve cut the inner portions do I begin the process of cutting the outer lines.  This is the leftover from the cutting.

papercut leftovers by you.

And here is the finished papercut! 

here these are for you..... by you.

 I am working on papercuts for Molly and for Childplay – really I am, I’m just sooooooo slow at everything these days, this month, this summer, this life, forever.

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  1. Oh, that’s a nice design, Jackie. The style reminds me of Japanese paper cutting.

    Nice tutorial too.

    I was glad to see your post today. I forgot about the “elephant” and was about to put out an All Points Bulletin for you.


  2. love seeing the work-in-progress! your papercuts are awesome.

  3. simplyblogged says:

    That is so cool. You are so darn creative.

  4. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, my goodness! This is incredible. Do you have a degree in art?
    Excuse me while I attempt to reposition my jaw…it has just dropped several inches. Whew!
    Have a wonderful weekend. xoxo e.

  5. ellen kelley says:

    p.s. I love your new “About”.
    It makes my heart glad to see you giving credence to who you are at your core and that which you do with such grace and beauty: Recognizing your strengths and acknowledging them; a mother and wife so connected to her family with love and care…. and a separate person………so damned hard to do, but such a RIGHT for every woman…it’s a hard row to hoe sometimes, but so important.

    I “see” the radiant sunlight shining on your row. There will be shadows and rain sometimes, but truly there will be such blossoms of beauty and joy for you….”inch by inch” your garden will grow.

    Now, if I could take a few lessons from you.


  6. Patricia says:

    Thank you for the tutorial! I just feel so honored to be your friend, and to have received this amazing gift–the friendship and the papercut. The sketch comes from the heart, and the careful cutting is such an expression of YOU.

  7. melinda says:

    oh. my. freakin’. gosh.


    this is simply wonderful.
    aren’t you just oozing with accomplishment???
    ’cause I know its not your style to crow about yourself, but really, if you’re NOT oozing with joy at what you’ve created here, I’m going to drive right over there and hit you with a stick until you are?!

    : )

  8. amyks says:

    one word…WOW!

  9. Now I so want to try out the whole paper cutting art massively. So inspiring! I love it and I hate that I didn’t see you posted until today. Ergh…what is wrong with me? xo

  10. batspit says:

    your about me has been adapted, and I just now re-read it. It’s darn good writing, I tell you, and ‘about mes’ are all but impossible to write well. You! are! AWESOME!

  11. mayaluna says:

    Jackie, you are so talented! I loved seeing your process so much! I do something similar with my stencils. I think I want to make one just to frame… Like I did with the beauty that you sent me.

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