Boys of Summer

I can not speak for girls, but these are the things the boys of summer do:

  • catch tadpoles

tadpoles by you.

  • play baseball

wearing the gear by you.

the pitch by you.

  • camp out
  • read, read, read
  • tape the spray nozzle at the kitchen sink into the on position so that when their mama turns on the kitchen tap she gets sprayed – bwahahaha
  • eat, and eat, and eat, and eat some more 
  • hang out with their friends and talk on their phones
  • build towers with birthday Keva Planks
  • build their own giant slip and slide with plastic sheeting and a sloping backyard



  • attend rock concerts
  • go fishing and frog gigging (don’t ask!)
  • play video games and watch way too much tv


  • play with army men including blowing them up with firecrackers


  • revel in summer and being young and free


 And since school starts August 12th I fully expect them to build their own raft and escape down the Missippi not to be seen again until next summer!

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  1. I love your posts like these because you are so wonderfully descriptive and so in my headspace when it comes to our boys. You get the best photographs of them too. Boys are so fun! I relate to the pranks (not the water one yet but I will be on the lookout). I love the blowing up of army men with firecrackers but hate the phone thing but I have noticed mine are so into that this summer (girls are calling our oldest son a lot..ack). xoxo

  2. ellen says:

    Oh, sob..this takes me back..not just to summers, but life filled with my boys..and now grandsons.
    Could I add to your list? have heard about the exquisite new cookware that was sacrificed “out back” for the informal cook out..

    …but could I add… about the setting of the table for lunch, only to find a frog floating in a vase (a vahhzz) in the middle of the table?

    ..the young rooster in the bathroom when I came home from work..he was there because he was “sick”?

    ..the painting of the cat and, especially, the painting of the younger brother’s teeth when he was asleep with a Magic Marker? (a black one)…

    I will save the rest for another time.

    Your boys make me happy…your joyous motherhood makes me smile and warms my heart. Your ability to laugh and enjoy and treasure all of these moments is wonderful.
    These memories are what makes life beautiful, funny, poignant and worth all of the danged mess, laundry, interruptions, chaos, noise, worry…et all.


  3. hi friend! It’s been… like… FOREVER…….but I have you on my google reader now…….that means I will be better at visiting and leaving comments!!

    As always…..truly delightful to be here…….love the boy stories:)

  4. molly says:

    your boys seem like so much fun. and so refreshing for a crafty blog writer to admit that her kiddos watch tv!

    happy, happy summer to you and your boys!

  5. molly says:

    you have captured summer beautifully! thank you for sharing your boys with us. and if i lived any closer, i’d buy them the lumber and nails to make their getaway raft. august 12th is just too soon for summer to end!

  6. they’re spending summer as they should. and i’m jealous if their youth and wish i had the summer off, too!

  7. my boys are busy, busy, busy outside….until they just want to sit inside and play video games ….and then off they go again….
    school seems way to close doesn’t it?
    and summer, so busy
    see you soon

  8. oh and i LOVe the papercut in your last post…..amazing!!

  9. Patricia says:

    What a great summer you’ve helped unfold for your boys. We’re trying to have a relatively unscheduled summer, too, and the weather lately has cooperated.

    My three-year-old made a water spout out of a pierced dandelion stalk and made a true fountain out of the water fountain at his school, so that may be a genetic thing with boys. I won’t even speculate about what appendage inspires them.

  10. Melinda says:

    let’s see…a raft…down the Missippi…you’re making me think…
    great post and pics!

  11. Anna says:

    Oh lordy, it looks like you’re having a fabulous summer! Or at least they are and you’re being a very good mommy sport.

  12. katri says:

    august 12th!!! oh, my, that is too early and too soon. have a wonderful – wonder/filled remaining two weeks!

  13. steph says:

    oh, do I know what the boys of summer love!
    (but I wasn’t aware of the kitchen sink thingy–guess mine have some boots to fill!)

  14. Leslie says:

    They seem to be very busy and having a blast! Summer just ends too soon. Whatever happened to starting school after Labor Day?

  15. batspit says:

    I know what a frog gig is.
    And all I can say is,
    please, please
    let me have girls.

  16. mayaluna says:

    even though they’re so much bigger than mine… they’re still loving so many of the same things. yay! gives me hope!

  17. mayaluna says:

    p.s. we haven’t gotten into the firecracker stuff, though. I’ll buckle my seatbelt for that ride!

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