Public Safety Announcement

This post is officially brought to you by the letter “P”.   Peaches, Produce and a Public Safety Announcement regarding Poison Ivy.  The peaches are in high season right now, and I mean the good ones that come off the pit cleanly.   What a snoot I am – I also have to have mine peeled or it reminds me of licking the cat – blechhh!!  Not that I’ve ever done that!  I swear, really!

box of summery deliciousness by you.

one peach by you.

peaches and cream oatmeal! by you.

Nate is so proud of his tomato patch!  He goes around carrying this hunk of a tomato and showing it off to us all.  His tomato plants are taller than me.  I’ve never seen anything like it.  And like his mom he has to document it with a photograph.


And should you be feeling all jealous of this summer bounty, let me tell you, it is not without its risks.  I picked blackberries growing roadside for about an hour one evening.  For my troubles I got a raging case of poison ivy, and my arms and legs look like I went through razor wire (those are some wicked thorns).  So let us discuss poison ivy.  First off, identification:


Leaves of three leave it be!  This is not some quaint little saying – it’s true.  This is a poison ivy plant.  The thing that helps me remember how to identify it are the bottom two leaves on the branch of three.  They look like mittens.  If you can identify it you can avoid it.  If you identify it too late and you’ve already gone traipsing through it  – then your first course of action is to get home, strip off all clothing and immediately wash in hot soapy water, then do the same with yourself.  It is the oils from the plant that remain contagious.  It is NOT the resultant rash and blisters that form that cause spreading.  The problem is the rash doesn’t show up immediately, it shows up a few days after exposure.  Which is what happened to me, the %#&*$ poison ivy was hiding amongst the blackberry bushes.  So, let this be a lesson to you kids.

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  1. Melinda says:

    …ummmnh, steroids, injectable and oral varieties, anyone?
    are you getting adequate care over on your side of the county?
    If not call me, no one deserves to be miserable like that!…

  2. Eeek to the poison ivy! I so agree with you on the peaches needing to be peeled. I am all about texture and the furry feel on my tongue is not too appealing…blech. xo

    p.s. those photos are so amazing and they are making me want to reach into my computer and pull out the peach or tomato. I think I will leave the poison ivy alone, however.

  3. Ooooooh wheeeeeeeeeee. I hate that poison ivy. I got a couple of blisters whilst traipsing among the blackberries across the street. What a cruel trick.

    What incredible veggies and fruit you have there. Would you believe that I have yet to taste any real stuff this summer????? There are not many farmer’s markets around here, so I am stuck buying from the grocery store. I envy those of you who have real tomatoes and peaches just hanging around your yard. ………sigh……..


  4. girl….so sorry you have poison ivy….yuck!

    But your photos are beautiful and it sounds like you have had a fantastic summer so far! xo

  5. simplyblogged says:

    those peaches are making my mouth water.

  6. Lori says:

    Our first round of peaches were Georgia peaches–the MOST delicious ever!! This time we went for the Red Havens since the Georgias were gone. I can handle the skin as long as it is not too tough. Nectarines are a good option for those that don’t like the fuzziness.
    I hesitate to say this, but I have never had poison ivy.
    I really appreciate the picture though. I have always heard it had 3 leaves, but there are many other plants with 3 leaves too.

  7. eeks, ouch! probably a good thing some of us will be spending the majority of the summer surrounded by beige cube walls.

    and i gotta say, that has to be the best looking tomato i’ve ever seen… slice that baby up, drizzle it with a little olive oil, top with fresh basil and salt & pepper… hmmm, maybe that’s tonight’s dinner!

  8. Ayama says:

    yummy peaches!! ouchie to the poison ivy and a big hurrah it’s not here in oz. too bad i can’t swipe any of nate’s amazing ‘matoes……

  9. threesneakybugs says:

    Oh crapity, crap, crap on the poison ivy! I remember baking soda baths as a child as a result of that darn plant. It was the only thing that stopped the itch.

    And that tomato – it’s gorgeous! (I won’t get into the peaches thing again.)

  10. Patricia says:

    Lori is so right about the Georgia peaches–Chilton County is the place to get them, and they are juicy and sweet. That said, we have been enjoying local NY peaches all week, after gorging on the first summer blueberries last week. My, oh my, I am in heaven. Now if I just stuck with the fresh berries, instead of the berry ice cream, the berry pies, etc., I wouldn’t have to tackle summer weight gain in the fall, on top of the winter wait gain that was supposed to come off this summer! Such is life!

    And, ack, about the poison ivy. Thanks for the warning!

  11. Leslie says:

    Oh, I went peach picking this week, too! There are peaches all over my kitchen, waiting to be eaten, baked or frozen 🙂 Sorry to hear about the poison ivy…I don’t think I’ve ever had it, but my son is VERY allergic. Hope it goes away soon!

  12. ohh so sorry!! i haven’t had it since i was a kid (would get it every summer….super bad) but i totally remember the yuckiness of it 😦
    love your pretty, pretty images

  13. Martha says:

    Really wonderful summer images!
    I actually never knew what poison ivy really looked like, so I really appreciate the public service announcement aspect of this post too! OXO

  14. batspit says:

    OK, so I was reading martha stewart online recently? (Stop laughing) and there was this good-thing project- they recommended framing a picture of poison ivy and hanging it near the door with an ‘avoid this’ or ‘don’t touch’ tag, so guests who might not be familiar with the plant could have an easy I.D. the 63+comments were all from people asking for a link to a good photo of posion ivy they could download. When I saw all those comments I snorted and thought ‘go outside for five minutes people’.

  15. jacquie says:

    too late. got poison ivy picking blackberries at our house (in the woods). i got off hubby is terribly allergic and ended up on steroids. got 12 quarts of wild blackberries though. it was worth it!

  16. mayaluna says:

    we were just trying to i.d. some yesterday. I’m not so good at recognizing it, because I grew up with West Coast poison oak. this was the perfect lesson. I’m soooo sorry!

  17. Jennifer says:

    mmm peaches. I’ve incredibly jealous — I’ve been unable to find a decent peach in aaaaggggeeesss!

    Sorry to hear about the poison ivy incident. Nothing like itching all over to ruin all your fun.

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