Hark, two posts in one day…

Considering these may be the only two post I do this month, I think you will forgive me.  If you saw the one picture of me that Brian took while we were camping and put it next to this picture you wouldn’t think they were the same person.  In the other one I’m wearing a soggy jogging bra, some soggy,  baggy jogging shorts, letting it all hang out (and IT ain’t pretty!)  and swigging a beer.  In this photo I’m pretending that occasionally I can get all girly girl.

Bench Monday by you.

……..just wanted to share a couple of things I’ve done lately, and some fun links. 

tiny pouch by you.

teeny, tiny pouch!  These are perfect for wrapping a handmade gift.  Hable Construction offers this kind of gift wrapping.  I’m working out a tutorial for these – it’s not that they are hard, but if you sew it right the cord comes out of the side through a neatly finished slit. 

papercut for tiff by you.

Papercut for Tiff of Childplay, inspired by her flickr set.  The separate elements without any bridges between them made this harder than I thought it would be.  And I’m still not sure I like the contrasting striped paper for the hot air balloons, otherwise I was happy with how it turned out.

tree of life papercut by you.

And a different version of the “Tree of Life” papercuts I’ve done before.  The creative list is ongoing, and I’ll update as I mark things off – when I’m back in a few weeks.

Just for fun:  In honor of the boys starting school this morning I thought you might get a kick out of this.  Crayon scented cologne spray, they also have Play Doh, Dirt, Glue, Graham Cracker, Grass, and Playground scents.  In a quest to find a hip pencil case for Everett I came across this one.  Thankfully it’s sold out, because I don’t think a 14 year old needs a $45 pencil case, but in a moment of weakness I might have felt I needed one.  To hold my smencils!  If you are in the market for some very cool vintage school supplies head over here

“I’ll be back!” said in a very convincing Arnold Schwartzenegger voice.

7 Comments Add yours

  1. the bench! it’s back! with a beautiful, crafty girl standing on it. it’s so great to see… i wanna make that pouch, you have until february to get that tutorial ready. hey, maybe i’ll have my screenprinting tutorial done by then!

    yeah, you nailed tiff’s papercut. it’s perfect! and the tree of life… i still love mine. it’s framed and at the top of my stairs, so i get so see it multiple times a day.

    i like that you’re back, but i understand how life can get crazy… i’ve been ignoring flickr for 2 weeks now and knitting instead of creating… one must prioritize what’s important at the time! xo, me

  2. I love the bench photo. Dang you are tiny….(said with much envy) and that is one gorgeous outfit. Women who can be earthy and natural or all girly pretty depending on the day have my utter respect.

    Yay Loving the pouch! What fun fabric too. Wanting to make that.

    So into the whole paper cutting too…I am practicing but with no proficiency as of yet. xo

  3. amyks says:

    I, too, love that bench photo, the composition and the colos are fabulous! enjoy the rest of the month.

  4. Leslie says:

    You have the cutest outfits! My bench shots are never this stylish. I love the orange pouch, and the Tree of Life papercut is fabulous. And, did you say your kids STARTED SCHOOL this week? My daughter starts the 17th and is totally bummed. It sure seems early to me when it feels like summer is still going strong.

  5. Ayama says:

    what an amazing show and tell. love the bench shot but ct loved it more. poor little popsicle just needs a mummy who loves pink as much as she does. 😛

  6. threesneakybugs says:

    Love it all! I was thinking bags like that made out of muslin would be good to use when packing school lunch foods. (green zero waste lunches have been obsessing my mind lately) And not so sure I’m happy about the P&C link. Way too much cool stuff there. I could go broke.

  7. tara says:

    the papercuts are amazing~ i thought of Tiff the second i saw the one for her. i’m so excited to get to know you… you’re delightful! (and i just discovered smencils last week. oh bessy~)

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