really, does it always have to have a title?

hello fishies! by you.

Hi, it’s me.  I just lived through another birthday.  Some years you just don’t want to count it.  Last year I was all like “woo hoo take that old age – i’m all sassy and proud!”  This year it’s more like “Crap, another birthday!”   Lucky for me I was not allowed to drown my sorrows all by my lonesome.  We went to my folks house for Labor Day weekend.  On the long drive there I blazed through my first issue of Art on Paper.   (Thanks Heather for splitting the subscription!) 

My parents spoiled Marshall (his birthday is the day before mine) and I with a weekend of feasting.  We had not only one, but two Smith Island Cakes.  Nine delicious cake layers – each one slathered with sugary chocolate frosting.  There were BBQ ribs, homegrown tomatoes, and the next evening crab cakes.  Those crab cakes were totally worth the price of getting older!!


 The kids engaged in a couple of all-out water balloon fights.  Occasionally skipping the balloons all together and going after one another with the bucket!  Has anyone else noticed how my children never wear shirts……DSC_0011_1956DSC_0012_1957DSC_0026_1969Then we had a potato chip taste off.  This has become a tradition when we are all together with my folks, and my brother and his family.   Everyone brings their favorite item in the chosen category and we do a blind taste test, tally up the results, declare a winner, and then spend the rest of the time arguing about the results.  This year’s category was plain chips.  And the winner was…….Poore Brothers kettle cooked chips from Arizona, a bag my brother randomly picked up at the grocery store.  We have had taste offs for vanilla ice cream, BBQ sauce, pickles, salsa, and root beer.  I’m open to suggestions for the next one!



I got to jog through the Kansas countryside, and then later take my camera out to shoot some of the scenery.  And on Monday Brian, my brother and I all ran a fun run where we each won a medal!  So I’ve seriously got nothing – oops make that NOTHING!!!! to whine about!  So what – I’m a year older – big deal!  Maybe tomorrow I’ll share a couple of handmade goodies I received in the mail.  Oh, and if you just want to give a gift to yourself for the heck of it today – go read this.

hedge apple by you.

flock by you.



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  1. Happy Birthday!! That link’s read was rather amazing…a little tear fest every time I come here…I may have to stop coming…just kidding. Amazing photos. I wish I had your talent, missy. xoxo

  2. ibbyskibby says:

    HA! I love taste tests. Because we drink raw (unpastuerized) milk, we of course think we know all about good milk. Once we challenged a doubting friend to bring his milk to our house for a blind taste test. Our local raw milk won.

    So that’s my recommendation. Milk. With one type of cookie to use as a “palette cleanser”.

  3. Ayama says:

    Happy Birthday!!! Wow your birthday sounds amazing.

    oh, on the topic of shirts and backs, i might have an answer from one of the big kids (as ct calls the lot i teach). “miss don’t you know anything, if you wear your school uniform shirt when you play football, it gets torn, dirty or you loose all the buttons. you are definately one of those blondes.”

    must make it to the post office on your behalf very soon. 😀

  4. ellen says:

    Happy, happy! It sounds as if you had a wonderful birthday. Good for you!! Sending you late cheers and lots of love.
    Your photos are beautiful. Is that an Osage orange I spy?

  5. molly says:

    happy birthday!

    nope, it doesn’t always have to have a title. in fact, sometimes coming up with a clever title keeps me from writing in the first place. to hell with it!

  6. leacayoung says:

    Happy Birthday! Those birds are stunning. I hate coming up with titles too.

  7. what a great birthday weekend! you deserved all of it!

  8. simpledaisy says:

    Well happy birthday!! Looks like a really beautiful run!! Beautiful photographs:)

  9. Diane says:

    Happy Birthday!

    So, I think I’d fit in just great with your family (though I always keep my shirt ON) but I think next year maybe you should invite me to your party at your folks’s house because those meals sound GREAT. And I my mouth started to WATER at the mention of crab cakes and then the pic — ACK!!! And that cake! Hurrah! : )

  10. tara says:

    happy birthday, fellow Virgo!
    (are my titles supposed to be clever? i know nothing!)
    and now i want potato chips. your days look delicious.

  11. knack says:


    I just got all warm and fuzzy reading this post……it’s what life’s all about… times with those you love and doing the things that you love…….

    your photos are amazing….thanks so much for sharing!! xo

  12. batspit says:

    your photos are AWESOME!! Happiest of years to you, too.

  13. Patricia says:

    Happy belated birthday! Leave it to you to give us the gift of your photos on YOUR special day. Such a giver you are.

    Ack, I best get moving on that project tucked away during this week that school started for my kids. Only one meltdown this week (two, I guess, if you count mine in response to the little one’s), two forgotten medical forms, and one forgotten lunch. On to the making . . . .

  14. Martha says:

    Happy Crap Another Birthday Birthday to you, Jackie!
    Sounds like you celebrated in style! A potato chip eating fiesta sounds like a party to me!!!

  15. amyks says:

    Happy belated birthday…sounds like a wonderful way to wrap up summer and start the new year. I love the idea of a “taste off”.

  16. threesneakybugs says:

    Happy Birthday!!!!!

    2 more things – my son is in love with not wearing his shirt. He’d rather wear long pants and no shirt than shorts and a t-shirt. Also, no shirt to bed “because boys can do that mom”. And 2nd how about apples, lemonade or some type of pie for your next taste off? Love the idea and may need to incorporate it into a next family gathering. Of course, they’d all complain about the added burden of picking up the item and inquire after my supposedly rigid rules but would still have fun in the end.

  17. Melinda says:

    so, ummm, happy birthday!
    yeah, I had no idea…cause I’m an idiot, I guess.

    Amazing shots, all of them.
    Man, that’s a bunch of birds!

    …oh, and about the shirts; only mandatory around here at the table when eating will occur and if going “off farm”, for the man type beings, that is. I’m not saying what it is for us girls : )

  18. Crab cakes. Mmmmmm……….. Must’ve cost a fortune to get good crab meat all the way out your way.

    Looks like such a fun day. I love the idea of a taste off. I wonder if my family would be willing to do that.

    I’m glad that you had such an amazing birthday. You deserve it.

  19. Leslie says:

    Oh, Jackie, I’m sorry I missed your birthday! I’m so behind on all my blog reading…but it sure looks like you had an awesome celebration! Here’s to another fabulous year 🙂

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