I have featured Elin Thomas here before.  Today I’m devoting an entire post to this gal’s brilliance.  She is an artist and jewelry maker from the UK.  I’m head over heels in love with her work.  More than likely because she utilizes my most favorite materials and processes and colors.  What she does with those things leave me in awe.  She must have had her talent and creativity polished and the results are these shining diamonds!!  Just a few of my favorites!

Exquisite lichen necklace

Lichen felt purse

Coral reef inspired necklace

Lichen covered felt stones

Felt and crochet necklace

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  1. Melinda says:

    absolutely gorgeous!
    …and I’m trying to be so good about “the spending and buying”…hahahahaha

  2. ooooo, so cool! i didn’t think i’d be a fan at first, but they really are cool. i hope one of elin’s creations finds its way to you! (so quit buying my crap!)

  3. ellen says:

    Fabulously beautiful. So full of wonders of colors, textures on textures…what rich organic shapes.

  4. Patricia says:

    Love those felted and crocheted stones. That’s some powerful stuff.

  5. Ok, so now I want a purse that I can not afford. Why do I have to be so darn responsible when it comes to money….

  6. Ayama says:

    oooohhhhh, i’m so in love too. thanks for beating a path to elin’s door for me.

    ps not ignoring you. end of term, a holiday at home with ct and unpacking upteen dozen boxes oh and not to mention the aftermath of a dust storm (a rare thing in these parts) has had me a tad tardy on the virtual mail.

  7. Hello! I landed here via In the Fish Bowl. I’ve never seen anything quite like Elin’s work. It’s so beautiful/funky/cool. Thanks so much for sharing!

  8. simpledaisy says:

    oohhh I love it all, especially the purse!! What a talented artist:)

  9. threesneakybugs says:

    Very impressive indeed. I REALLY like the coin purse.

  10. Elin says:

    Thank you Jackie!!

    What a lovely feature, I’m really chuffed. You’ve arranged the pics so well too…. looks great! Lots of nice comments too.

    Very best wishes, Elinx

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