sometimes solutions come because you’ve reached the bitter end.  you’ve used up all of your usual ways of dealing with something.  and your back is against a wall that seems too thick and too tall to surmount.  you cringe there, hands over your head to ward off the blow.  defeat is eminent.  you have made that taco salad one too many times.  the thought of having grilled cheese and tomato soup makes your insides quiver in revulsion.  no, no, not salmon patty night again!!

You know I’m not even going to do the math, because it would be too d.a.m.n. depressing.  The number of meals I have cooked multiplied by weeks and by years, the insane amount of time I have spent in the grocery store aisle, buying the same foods over and over and over.  The various ways I have tried to incorporate hamburger, chicken, fish or pork into something my family would find tasty and nutritious.  Well, I did it, I reached the bitter end and when that happened I found myself standing in front of a bighugestack (yea, that’s all one word!) of cooking magazines that I have.   Barely thinking twice I grabbed a handful and started throwing them out to my peeps shouting “Here!  Look through these and pick out a couple of things you want me to make for dinner!”.  From that small, desperate act has come a Eureka epiphany!  My peeps really got into it, and since then we have had the most marvelous food.   They want to know when they can do it again – look through the magazines and pick something new.  Their enthusiasm has renewed my enthusiasm about cooking for my family.  We have had Chicken Saltimbocca, Ropa Veija with Pepperjack Biscuits, Dan Dan Noodles, Chicken Pappardale with Sun-dried TomatoesSpaghetti Squash Supreme, Citrus Cake, and Sweet Onion Relish.  So if this post can help just one *sniff* *sniff* (“blog assistant – where are the tissues?”), just one harried mom overcome those kitchen blues – then I will feel *sniff, sob* *clutching my heart* that my life has been worth something….

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  1. molly says:

    Yay! I have less than three years experience cooking for a family and already I am bored. Too bad my peeps can’t yet cruise the cooking mags. My only trick is letting my 2 year old help me with the prep so that he feels invested in the meal. And letting the baby make a huge mess.

    Happy for you, Smooth!

  2. simplyblogged says:

    I am stay at home mom and I am very lucky but I take it for granted. I have gotten a little lazy in my domestic duties lately. I almost made tomato soup the other day instead we ate left overs….if that tells you anything. I used to make chicken saltimbocca when I was a working mom. Great post, as always. My favorite line today was this…*sniff* *sniff* (”blog assistant – where are the tissues?” LOL. You kill me!!! =]

  3. You are a very lucky woman. I beg for suggestions but get bupkis. Feedback? Only this: “I’ll tell you if I don’t like it.”
    ……….sigh………… Sometimes I contemplate the nasty bags of prepared stuff in the freezer aisle of the grocery store and wonder if anyone would know the difference but me.


  4. Patricia says:

    I hear you. I’m there. I think I may take your suggestion one step further, though, and say, You want Chicken Saltimbocca? You make it! (This is my husband’s and mother-in-law’s signature dish, by the way, therefore I feel completely unworthy to make it!)

  5. Ayama says:

    yipee!! thanks for the in the future tip. 😉 at the moment it is all about yummy leaves and pasta around here. is it criminal to serve an indian curry with pasta??

  6. Leslie says:

    What a great idea! I ask my family what they want and they say, “I don’t know…” but this gives them something concrete to respond to. You have to be willing to try what they want, though!

  7. I’ve told my husband to ask his mum for the recipes of her dishes that he likes, but apparently that’s too hard for him, so I’m not sure that I could convince him to go through a recipe book…

    It would help if he was consistent in which meals he likes. He complained about a pasta dish, so after that I only made it for the kids. This week he announces that it’s one of his favourites. Huh? The stew he always seemed enthusiastic about, suddenly he’s not so keen on it. I give up.

  8. prairiegirl says:

    you are brilliant my friend … absolutely BRILLIANT! as i read your post, i thought … hey! that’s how i feel and what i would say and how i go through the grocery aisles week after week after week … ho hum de dum!
    i love the idea of tossing my cooking mags and books at the family and getting them involved more as i really DO want to cook what everyone will like, but this old momma gets a little pooped … and you do know what i mean …
    so thanks jackie! thanks for coming by and commenting ~ so delightful to meet you ‘in the bowl’ ~ this connecting and networking is invaluable!
    take good care ~ off to find something for supper ~
    ps stunning photo … oh my goodness …

  9. melinda says:

    simply awesome idea!

  10. Anna says:

    Love it!!! I will remember this for when the kids can read. Cross my heart.

    Now if only you can tell me how to get vegetables down their preschool throats…

  11. Lea says:

    i love this post! I’ve been getting upset about my lack of creative cooking lately- I’m almost inspired to make something for dinner besides waffles (almost…)

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