a day in the life


With school in full swing, and the boys involved in sports we don’t often have a day to just spend meandering.  Sunday was a gift as Nate, Everett and I spent three hours exploring the neighbors pasture. 









We were so excited to discover this on top of one of the hay bales.  It is an owl pellet.  The owl more or less eats the rodent whole, and afterwards it regurgitates those parts it can’t digest, like fur and bones.  So we took it home and dissected it.  Gross and cool at the same time!  Kind of like boys!

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  1. gonzomama says:

    what a great way to spend the day! looks like so much fun. those woods look magical. my boy would be totally fascinated by the owl pellet (and repulsed at the same time). great photos.

  2. simplyblogged says:

    I just have to say your boys are so lucky to have you!!!!!

    Great shots. Looked like so much fun.

  3. Melinda says:

    ooooooooooH, owl pellets, too cool!
    glad your Sunday was a gift.

  4. Ayama says:

    yipee what fun!! love the shot of the boys taking a breather in the trees.

  5. Leslie says:

    A perfect outdoor day! That owl pellet kinda freaks me out, though.

  6. Lea says:

    your photos just keep getting better and better. I just forced Eli to come look and compliment them, so you know I’m proud.

  7. Phoe says:

    What wonderful pictures. 🙂

  8. Patricia says:

    Your photos are out-of-this world wonderful. Is that Everett jumping off/on the hay bale? I wish my body could do that!!

  9. My daughter was just telling me about owl pellets yesterday….ugh. She is kind of disgusted by them but our youngest son is thrilled by your photo. Your photos make me so want to move to the country. xoxo

  10. Looks like the best day….never heard of an owl pellet…yow!
    Such boy fun. 🙂

  11. applecyder says:

    I used to love dissecting owl pellets. Love that first jumping shot–your boys just seem like such fun and spirited guys!

  12. jacquie says:

    great photos….when the kids were little we would spend hours and hours bale jumping… (should be in the extreme sports olympics). the boys would have grandpa stack them far apart so they could risk their necks…not to mention life and limb trying to jump from one to another.

  13. lisa mertins says:

    wonderful WONDERFUL post and photographs. an owl pellet you lucky duck!!! we have a couple of dreamy coo-ers in our neighborhood but i’ve never been able to find one of these creepy treasures 🙂

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