Memory Monday


Two pictures of childhood pets.  The first is of my dog Trixie – MY dog!  That’s right little brother she was mine.  She was some kind of beagle/dachshund mix and the sweetest dog on earth.  Look at those eyes.  I’m certain what I read in those eyes were love, love, love.  Obviously she was tolerant too, because she’s sitting there ridiculously dressed up by me.  She was a belly scratching dog.  Every time you got near her she would lay down, roll over and present her belly for a good belly rubbing.   I don’t even remember how we acquired her, except I seem to remember a lot of pet swapping between our home and my grandparent’s farm.  So, maybe she got passed to us by my grandparents.  Loved that dog!


The other picture is of my pet duck.  Mine is the one with the most black on it.  My neighborhood girl friend went to visit relatives and came home with three baby ducks; one for her, one for me, and one for our other friend.   My parents really, really tried, but who can turn away a cute fuzzy duckling?  Only the cruelest people on earth that’s who……I wonder if I used that line on them?  Duck, that was his name, lived in an old shopping cart out in our shed when he was little.   Then when all the ducks got big enough they lived in the one friend’s backyard and their pond was an old metal fishing boat.  Two of the ducks met with a tragic end, and the other got shipped off to a farm a couple of years later.  By then we were all in the full swing of adolescence and really had lost interest in spending time with our ducks.  That last phrase made me giggle a little – spending time with our ducks.

I once had a big, fluffy, black cat named Pooky.  I would have sworn to you that we had telepathic communication with each other, or else I was part cat too.  Because it sincerely felt like we could read each other’s minds (okay, I guess I should only speak for myself).  When he was in at night he always slept on my bed with me.   There were other pets over the years, but these three were the ones that really became a part of me.   Just my personal opinion, but I think every kid should have a pet at least once during their childhood.  Especially the kind that radiate unconditional love!  How about you, did you have a special pet as a kid or were your parent’s the cruelest people on earth?

Oooohhh, ooooohh I almost forgot to tell you about a couple of interesting things.  If you like challenges here are a couple:  Dottie Angel Challenge, for one whole year buy nothing unless it is handmade or secondhand.  NaBloPoMo, blog every day for a month.  You can participate with any starting date even if it is in the middle of the month, but unfortunately it is too late to participate in the full month of November which is their free-for-all giveaway month.  I have a few obligations in the next couple of weeks, but after that I double dog dare you to participate in some kind of challenge – doesn’t have to be these!  And that makes the perfect segue into tomorrow’s post about FEAR.

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  1. My parents were the cruelest parents on earth. Well, we did briefly have stick insects and newts. When I was little, my mum said that I wasn’t old enough to help care for a dog. When I was older, she told me that I’d be leaving home shortly and she’d be left looking after it. That didn’t stop me asking almost daily for a dog, mind…

    Now I come to think about it, you probably couldn’t get two more different people than my mum and I. We get on well despite our differences. I’ve forgiven her for never letting me have a dog…

  2. we always had dogs…and I once rescued a kitten that was caught in our back fence. It didn’t get along with the dog we had at the time..and I am allergic to cats…and one time I came home from work and I was starving and my mom put out the leftover chinese food that thy had ordered. When I got to the kitchen, I found the kitten sitting on the table licking all my food. We found a good home for him 🙂

  3. leaca says:

    my new thing is to blog everyday except for sat. and sun. does that count?

  4. Melinda says:

    Have finally figured out what was wrong with my childhood!
    Extreme lack of “spending time with my ducks”.

    I’m sure I was doing something totally stupid, like “attempting to get my ducks in a row” (which everyone knows is a total and complete waste of time), instead of just embracing the moment and “spending [quality] time” with them…

    See, you were embracing the Zen even before it was trendy!

    I like you.
    Have I told you that lately?

  5. Ayama says:

    pets are awesome. there were 2 dogs i remember from my childhood but there were also a few other dogs and cats (that came with company houses for some reason or rather) that i don’t remember but have photos of.

    mum loves cocker spaniels so the 2 dogs were both cockers and both were good boys. first was dingle the bell ringing christmas pooch who didn’t live to a ripe old age (blast the parasite that robbed him of a long life). he was a very rare type of cocker spaniel, an intelligent one. i kid you not, this spaniel had a brain. then came joe cocker the black cocker spaniel. he was an arrogant sob but oh so much fun. he loved donnie and tolerated the rest of us. definately donnie’s friend and right hand dog.

    ct’s puppy is a hand-me-down many terrier-crossed 9 year old saved from a puppy drowning. lily and ct are rubbing very well together these days. ct understands that the way to lily’s heart is sharing breakfast, lunch and dinner from the table (a hard thing to do when watched by so many adults) and belly rubs. one thing they don’t share too well is auntie daph lily/ct whisperer extraordinare. love, love, love seeing the pup i saved 9 and a bit years ago love that girl of mine.

  6. threesneakybugs says:

    Fun! I want a duck. When I was really little we had 2 fish, 2 birds, 2 cats & 2 dogs (mine was named Hugo). Then we moved to the city. Down to 1 new dog – Mickey. The most recent was yet another dog – Nikita. The dogs stick out the most as true friends. Some day we’ll do it again. But I think we’ll start small with a fish or something to get into the swing of caring for another being while we have kids in the house.

  7. Such a sweet little pooch. You sound as though you had such an ideal childhood. And I think you are giving that same wonderful childhood to your boys.

    I hope you are doing well. I miss hearing from you on a more frequent basis. Hopefully that means you are getting a lot of good work done.


  8. ellen says:

    Ask for a horse and you might get a dog. Ask for a dog and you might get a cat. Ask for a cat and you might get a gerbil.

    Just kidding! We had dogs, cats, canaries and a rat. My mother was freaked out by cats and rats, but if we took care of them it was a.o.k.

    I wish I had had a good camera the day I came home from work and my boys had dressed our boxer in my underwear and bra. There she was to greet me…she filled the bra better than I ever did. Oh, sheesh, such memories and without the modern cameras and blogs way back then.
    Smooches to you, e.

  9. ellen says:

    …and p.s. I love that sweetie pie dog and ducks…DUCKS..what could make you happier than ducks??? They are nature’s clowns and the best thing since Valium, tho. I have never tried that. They just make me happy and laughy. Yes, I am nuts!

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