I will be on a temporary hiatus until after Thanksgiving.  But have several posts in my head for when I come back.  One of which is a mini cloth gift bag tutorial – hopefully in time for the holidays.  During my break I will slowly be making my way through email and such.  Hope y’all have a fabulous Thanksgiving!  My eating plan is to skip all the things I don’t love and getting seconds of all the things I do love (Hello pecan pie!).

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  1. ellen says:

    Pecan pie is yummy…your photo is so beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. I give thanks for having met you. It is a true blessing.

  2. Hi, Shuggar…….I was going to email you to make sure you were okay. Glad to hear that you are at least still out there alive and kicking.

    Pecan pie? That’s my holiday specialty. Pecan pie and sugared pecans. Mmmmmmm…… I give em as gifts.

  3. YAY to pecan pie! Gorgeous photos!! Have fun on your hiatus. I am going to have one of those at Christmas when my parents (whom I haven’t seen in two years) are visiting us for a few weeks! I am so looking forward to it! xoxo

  4. threesneakybugs says:

    Great shot! And I love your eating plan. It’s just what it should be this time of year. Happy Turkey Day!

  5. Phoe says:

    Have a great Thanksgiving and a wonderful break!

  6. I just commented on a blog that I briefly considered making reusable gift bags. Then I remembered that I am a procrastinator. Maybe next year…

    I love that photo.

  7. have a good hiatus! and a great turkey day!

  8. simpledaisy says:

    The holidays are always a time to allow yourself to enjoy the things you truly love!! From now until 1/1 it’s game on!!!!
    Have a happy turkey day:)

  9. Jesse Serrin says:

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