shashiko embroidery

I had a pair of paints that I accidently splattered with bleach.  I would venture to say that most of us understand how hard it is to find pants that fit well and comfortably.  This was a pair that fit that criteria, so I was loath to throw them out because they were stained.  Enter this book and solution found.  Cover the stains with some shashiko embroidery.  Here are some more glimpses of the fabulous projects in the shashiko book Jen sent me. 

Also, I am so excited about the Blurb photo book I made.  After you make your book you can have a preview of it online.  So what if I only ordered 5 copies.  I am officially a published author/photographer!   When you consider it took me ten plus hours to get it all put together you might understand why I have been out of action (well, that and Christmas shopping, card writing, chocolate bon bon making, and all the other things you people are caught up in this time of year as well.)  My holiday manifesto this year has been EFFING SIMPLIFY!!  (Sorry Mom for the implied cursing – my face is sporting a sheepish grin.  I’m not even going to stress you out with telling you about the tatoo I’m thinking of getting…….)  So the part of EFFING SIMPLIFY I have implemented is to only use computer time for absolutely essential things.

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  1. So with you on the busy life…I need to effing simplify too….aack.
    Hilarious comment to your mom…heheh.
    I love the embroidery ideas. We have a pappasun cushion that is needing some luvin’ attention like that.

  2. ellen kelley says:

    I do love your solution. I have done that more times than I care to remember and I did try to use some “effing” markers to cover the whiteness. Such a stupid idea. Let me tell you that it does not effing work!
    I would love to have that book.
    Love to you, your effing e.

  3. the bench! the toes! the pants! the book! what’s that last photo? with the circles? you must let me see in person soon!

    good to see you. i have missed you!

  4. melinda says:

    wonderful!every last bit of it!
    the implied tattoo…yessssssss ; )

  5. Leslie says:

    You are so darn smart! I love the embroidery…I’ve been intrigued by that technique but haven’t tried it. And how cool that you made a Blurb book. That’s been on my to-do list but hasn’t happened yet. I’d like to do a Polaroid-only version but I need some time to think about that one. Maybe next year!

  6. Lea says:

    love the toes.

    Even though embroidery is not one of my skills i might have to learn- those coasters look AWESOME and the last attempt i made at coaster creation turned out really bad…
    on to the fabric store.

  7. simpledaisy says:

    What a perfect solution!! They turned out super cute too!!

  8. I don’t think my Mom would have known what “effing” meant and so would have been safe.

    It’s great to see a post from you. I’ve wondered if you had been help captive out there.

    Bleach. I HATE that effing stuff. It is effing impossible for me to get within a yard of it without it jumping onto my clothes. Eff! Eff! Eff!

    Hey, this is fun!


  9. Diane says:

    Your blurb book is effing beautiful!!

  10. Patricia says:

    Jackie, you authoress you–your book is STUNNING!! Only 10 hours to create such a gorgeous tome? I’m effing impressed!!! Where can it be purchased?

  11. threesneakybugs says:

    Love the jeans. Well done. Jen’s comment cracks me up because I would have thought that last shot with the circle mobile is what drew her to the book. It looks like a good one. And the blurb book… it looks amazing. Had to go peak at yours. Absolutely awesome photography. Some, of course, I recognize from Flickr. You may just have inspired a christmas present for next year. If I start working on it in January it shouldn’t be too painful.

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