sacred things

I can’t say for certain how or when my life view changed.  Maybe it happened as I started journaling life via the blog, or looking through the lens of my camera.  Maybe it even started many years ago as I rocked a sleepy child to bed, or took note of the nurturing beauty in a home cooked meal.  A slow turning over of my soul began to happen.  Suddenly the most ordinary things became sacred to me.  I started seeing beauty in the most mundane objects – a chandelier caught on film, the contrast of freshly turned earth with the bright green of new growth, the citrus scented spray as I peeled an orange.  The thing is, once I started looking at life this way I noticed that the world is overflowing with tiny miraculous things.  I’ve seen this over and over again in the pictures my flickr friends post.  Occasionally I’ve commented to one or another that they should make prints of their pictures, and give them as gifts or offer them for sale.  Usually they are of quite ordinary objects, but seen in a profound way.  I was lucky enough to receive a few prints just like this from Leslie.  See for yourself!

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  1. Slightly Me says:

    You have such a delightful blog- I love the photographs in this post. Such a joy.

    Kate x

  2. knack says:

    hey friend!

    what a lovely post…… are so right!

    …love the photos……and love the sacred thought!

    merry christmas!


  3. you are a lucky girl, leslie takes amazing photos!

  4. ellen kelley says:

    These are such amazing photos…..and I truly believe that the beauty and joy of life is in the small, small, tiny moments, the flicker of my eye that captures such a wee moment…and the inability to go to sleep last night..just for a while, when I was overwhelmed and comforted by joy and gratefulness for my life….the recognition was not of anything huge..

  5. kristin says:

    leslie’s polas are amazing! i am lucky to have one hung in my bedroom. she does everyday beautifully.

  6. simpledaisy says:

    Love the photos!! So true to enjoy the little, ordinary things in life:)

  7. Patricia says:

    You know, seeing the sacred in the everyday is a new thing for me, and it has changed my life. I think photographs are the perfect vehicles for capturing those moments of grace when meanings are suddenly clear, when all things fall into a perfect pattern, when peace is made manifest. Your photographs are little meditations of such grace for me.

  8. Leslie says:

    Aw, thanks for the lovely compliment. I’m so glad my photos have found a home with you!

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