We’ve got a fresh new year on our hands, the kids have been out of school since December 18th, and they get a snow day today…….wha????

Okay brand new year – not resolutions, but removing from my vocabulary the word SHOULD and replacing it with the word COULD.  Should implies obligation, could implies choice.   In fact I wrote the word ‘should’ on a piece of paper and threw it in the fire!  Hooray for me!  I’m branding 2010 the YEAR OF COULD.  I could do a lot of things.  

  • take a photography class
  • sell a piece of art
  • run a half marathon
  • sew a quilt for the bed (a quilt, as in one completed quilt)
  • raise some meat chickens (for this I will need fearlessness, but I have a willing partner in Everett, the middle boy.)
  • keep the list short and attainable

How about you?  Do you find a new year a mixture of hope and fear?  I do, but there can be no courage without fear.  So, I’m flinging myself off the cliff in hopes that my wings will be there when I need them.

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  1. ellen says:

    The Year of Could sounds wonderful to me. I have been a “Should” person for so long! Should implies the same to me..and heaps of debilitating guilt. I think we are born with the optimism of Could, but get that pounded out of us.
    Thanks for the reminder. I am going to get rid of the Shoulds and welcome back and embrace the joy of Could!

  2. molly says:

    i vote for the half marathon. i want to do that myself. train in the spring/summer and run in the fall.


  3. threesneakybugs says:

    Happy New Year! My favorite part of a new year is putting behind the old. Don’t get me wrong, I also like looking back. But it’s good to start with a fresh slate. Re-focus and re-prioritize. Somehow we change every year and it’s good to recognize the new direction.

  4. jen says:

    no resolutions for me. i quit smoking last year so that means i don’t have to make resolutions, right?

    but i do have a list of coulds, one of which is to run a half marathon in 3 weeks. and it’s not looking good: our ice and below zero temps have made me a wuss and i don’t think i’ll be ready. and i feel really lame, because i know
    people are braving the elements to train. sigh.

    anyway…. love your list. i’ll cheer for you all year whether you do those things or not!

  5. Sara says:

    I love the idea of Coulds. I won’t be running a marathon of any sort! but within the last 6 months I resolved to ride my bike more often, and this very morning I rode 10 miles in the 22-degree misty pink pre-dawn glow. I’m happy to report that riding my bike has become a way of life (commute) and not just one of those things I think I “should” do that I get to tick off as “finished”.

    This year I tried to make some lofty goal like “stop beating myself up so much over “Shoulds” and such”. I then decided that this goal is too abstract, and resolved instead ONLY 2 things:
    1. Spend more time naked (reading, snuggling, knitting, whatever)
    2: take my dog for more walks.

    Those two things should make me very happy.

  6. Debra says:

    Ha, Jen. I thought you meant run a half-marathon over the course of three weeks and I was thinking that I could probably manage that, too! Happy New Year!

  7. Kymm says:

    Yes, absolutely a mix of hope and fear, not to mention the massively stupid thing I already did that COULD have made (and still may make) life a rather bleak thing for weeks to come. So yes, hope and fear.

  8. Love it! I’ve been in a long habit of giving myself monthly dares rather than annual resolutions. This month I am in the midst of some daring housekeeping (chucking furniture!), and it feels great. Could/should is an endless struggle, but it always helps to hear or see a gentle reminder.

  9. melinda says:

    i like your coulds. and your pictures. and snow days, except i didn’t get one.
    its ever so cool to be “the grown-up”?

  10. No resolutions that I purposely gave a name to, but definitely some goals I’m working towards.

    I was hoping to do one of those “365 days of …..whatever…” but I never could figure out what I wanted to do every effing day of 2010.

    Meat chickens???? Wow! I think you read Diane’s blog too. She has some wonderful stories about chickens. They sound like delightful creatures. The layers anyway. I’m not sure if she gets attached to the meaty ones.


  11. Love the “could” thing…great idea 🙂

  12. Starting the year off in a haze of jet lag has meant that I’ve probably already broken any resolutions that I could think up. I’m just hoping for a year of fewer illnesses / car breakdowns / injuries so that I can swim regularly. I like my hour of peace each day and really missed it when various aches and pains kept me away last year.

  13. simpledaisy says:

    Yeah for you on the half marathon!!! Which one are you thinking about?!?!?

    I too would love to take a photography class!! So many things…so little time:) But that is one area I know I could improve on!
    Take care and have a fabulous New Year~~

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