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 “She built a nest to contain her dreams and the reason it worked so well was because she had to remember how to climb trees.”  Just a little bit of odd random thought processes here.  The quirky little nest in this creation came about because of a mistake.  I had felted a rock with some of the roving given to me by Pat (zencrafter).  But a certain pet of the rodent variety chewed a hole in my felted creation.  Trying to figure out how to salvage my work I cut away the chewed portions and was left with a hollow form that resembled a nest (maybe a hummingbird nest).  So I just followed the unmarked creative path to see where it would lead me……

In my nest of dreams I am creating papercuts, and papercuts, and more papercuts.  big, gigantic papercuts.  and teeny, tiny papercuts.  all kinds of papercuts.   Maybe even a Dwight Schrute papercut.

Bears, Beets, and Battlestar Galactica!!  Happy Valentine’s Wishes!!  I’m hoping to continue the love fest through the rest of the month.

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  1. Beautiful. (very sweet snails, too)

    “She built a nest to contain her dreams and the reason it worked so well was because she had to remember how to climb trees” – I love this.

    I have a wee bird’s nest that we found on the path at the local park. My husband can’t understand why I keep it. I can’t understand how he doesn’t see the perfection in the workmanship (workbirdship?)

  2. Sarah says:

    Oh, I love, love, love this! The nest, the paper cut trees, the beet love. Beautiful.

  3. Gorgeous snips! I especially love the “my heart beets for you” one. Of course, I am loving the tree and nest in the rustic box as well. Where did you find that cool box? I bought about 6 shadow boxes, dirt cheap, about 5 years ago and have yet to do anything with them. Maybe you’ve inspired me. jan

  4. Melinda says:

    (inner teen girl squeal of glee/envy/glee/ glee/gleeee)

    you. are. amazing.
    blown away, I am!

    lovin’ all of this ginormously

  5. MichelleB says:

    That beet papercut is just so spectacular. I think that I would consider paper cutting just to have that one!

  6. applecyder says:

    that beet one is so awesome. i’d love it as a woodcut stamp thingamagig. happy v day j!

  7. Patricia says:

    Jackie, OK, the wait was worth it, if this is what you’ve been working on!! Jeez, girl, you blow us all away with your wit, your creativity, your complete precision with those cutting blades. Where do I start? I don’t know, except to say that every single one of your cuts is so true, in every sense of that word. And the nest–I’m completely in love! The felted stones I have made evolve from happy accidents and following a meandering creative path, though mine haven’t involved rodents. Yet. 🙂

    Yes, please, do a stamp of the beet cut!! Didja happen to know that beets+spinach or bok choy+ almonds has been a weekly treat for me this winter, the “fruits” of our CSA.

  8. amyks says:

    Those are so cool…the tree is so great, but I really love the beet one, beets are one of my favorite vegetables, weird, I know, even though my husband says “Beets are beat!” yes, he hates beets and has turned my children against this yummy veggie:) Have a super terrific week.

  9. Leslie says:

    Jackie, these projects are so amazing! I love the three-dimensional aspect of the tree and nest artwork, and the Valentine is incredible. You need to get that shop going soon!

  10. simpledaisy says:

    That is so cute!! Yes…you do need to get a shop:)

  11. Patricia says:

    Jackie, I keep coming back to see the tree and the beet. They make my heart sing. Please do put them in a shop if you are able. I know people would be “beeting” a path to your door to buy them, along with your book.

  12. smoothpebble says:

    workbirdship!!you have a way with words as well my dear. i agree with you there is something entirely mesmerizing about a bird’s nest. xoxo jackie jackie basham

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