M.E.N. love




i.e. M.E.N.  I sure do love my M.E.N.   (This also includes my terrific husband!  One of the men in my life.) 

p.s.  Weird fact:  We didn’t realize when we named Nate that their initials worked out like that.

p.s.s.  Can you pick out which child would get the gold-plated ornery award?

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  1. ellen says:

    Would it be the “plate decorator”?
    This makes my heart smile and be so happy. Where and who would we be without our outrageous boys.

  2. leaca says:

    That is cool about the M.E.N. thing. =]

  3. jen says:

    they’re such good looking men (boys?), too! and you’re the number one girl for all of them. forever.

  4. simpledaisy says:

    I would have to guess that it’s Everett that gets the award?!?!?
    PS….I gave you a happy little award on my blog:)

  5. Patricia says:

    I see a to-the-core sweetness and humor in all three, but certainly don’t tell them I wrote that!

  6. your men are growing up!
    my middle son is now way taller than me…and i’m tall…but i keep denying it to him. 🙂
    thanks so much for the vote…you made me smile on a super crazy day

  7. MichelleB says:

    What handsome boys. And obviously the middle child would get the ornery award. I have a middle child that regularly gets that award, too.

  8. Ornery. Hmm… The one who put the drawings about the butt super hero in the hymnal? You can’t leave us hanging.

  9. amyks says:

    My childrens initials spell K.I.D.S. not planned either:)

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