no april foolery here – scout’s honor

Hello friends!  I just wanted to chat a little.  If you’re feeling in the mood to discuss odd, interesting, and trivial things pull up a rocking chair and we will talk friend to friend. 

First off I have a scenario that I’m wondering – is it just me?  or is it universal?  I’m thinking of what I will call “shopper’s inadequacy”.  I realize of course that it really is probably just me.  But think of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman.  I went shopping this week, and part of my trip was to a trendy outdoor adventure store and whole foods kind of place.  Everyone there just seems hip and young.  I always feel like the middle-aged nerd woman who is just posing as someone hip.  Also, I feel like I have a big neon sign on my head that says “I normally shop at Wal-Mart and JC Penney”  and the clerk knows that I will not be paying $65.00 for that great wool jogging undergarment.  Nor will I be paying $150.00 for a yoga outfit.  The clerk knows I’m pretending that I might possibly consider it, as I listen to her describe why I should buy those things.  And she knows that I’m really too dang cheap to spend that kind of money.  Because  she has already noticed that big neon sign in the middle of my forehead.  Just wondering if anyone else experiences this?

Secondly, Tracey Clark has started a new collaborative all about self-kindness –  I AM ENOUGH.  I know I keep coming back to this topic, but it just seems like something I am passionate about sharing.  Which brings me to the next item.  

Thirdly, I’m wondering what things are you all passionate about?  What are the things that make your heart start trip hammering, or speak to you in such a compelling way that you can’t ignore them?  I caught Jamie Oliver‘s television program Food Revolution.  And I could not agree more with what he is doing.  Some of my heros are Alice Waters, Michael Pollen, Wendell Berry.  I am passionate almost to the point of obsession about wholesome food.  When I used to substitute teach at the grade school I was appalled at the food that was on the lunch trays.  For that matter I was appalled at what kids brought in their sack lunches from home.  I want to yell at the top of my lungs – “PEOPLE STOP EATING THE CRAP!!  STOP IT, RIGHT NOW!!  STOP FEEDING THE CRAP TO YOUR KIDS!!  I MEAN IT – STOP!!”   The next best thing I guess is to just head on over and sign Jamie’s petition.

I’m also passionate about being green.  At parent teacher conferences I had a conversation with the Industrial Arts and Art teacher.  They are working on starting some new programs incorporating green technology.  Refabbing one of the school buildings to be green, and to have the kids involved in the process.  I left school that evening with my heart trip hammering, because it was exciting to me to talk to dedicated teachers who are learning all they can and passing it on to their students.  They also told me of a family in town who has built a straw bale home (one of my dreams).  These passions though can also drive me crazy, because I’m only one person and my heart starts trip hammering and I want to be involved and take over the world and change things and my head starts spinning with ideas and I want to start volunteering for everything and moving and shaking and picking up hammers and taking classes and revolutionizing my community and get the neighbors to start recycling and raise meat and egg chickens and start a community garden…………..The problem then becomes one of focus.  How to focus to be the most effective.  Haven’t figured that one out yet.

I’m also passionate enough about my son Nate that I made him a sock monkey.  And I’m working on an Etsy shop!! eek!!  Okay, there are so many more things I’m passionate about, but again I need to calm down and focus.

I’ll leave you with this.  You need to look really closely at these photos – it’s amazing what people can do with their passions.

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  1. molly says:

    Oh, jeeze. I am identifying with lots in this post. Going to send you separate email!


  2. #1 Straw bale house. I want one too!!!!!!!!!!! Mostly I want one because I am cheap too (high five!) and these are so energy efficient. Plus, it would be awesome cool to say that you live in a straw bale house.

    #2 I’m loving that sock monkey. Someday I’ll have to make one.

    #3 Yeah, I feel out of place at the high priced outdoor gear store too. At the moment, not much in there fits me, so I don’t linger in the clothing section at all. Another place I feel awkward is in bike stores. Now I know a thing or two about bikes, but I totally don’t look like I do. And so those hipster clerks assume I don’t. That irritates me. I can’t help but throw around words and ask questions about things that only a knowledgeable bikey type person would know.

    #4 I like the prices at WalMart, but don’t shop there because I think they are crumby to their employees. I’m sure I shop at other stores that are crumby to their employees too, but I’ll take one soapbox at a time.

    #5 Happy Easter!!!!!!!!

    #6 This is way too long to be a “comment.” Sorry.

  3. Lea says:

    oh how I love you. I didn’t know about Jamie’s petition- thanks.

    I’ve been watching with all my anthropological focus- here’s to hoping for great change!

  4. Leslie says:

    Lots to think about in this post! I saw the first of Jamie’s shows but need to catch up and watch more. Very interesting stuff. You got my attention when you mentioned etsy shop…I’m thinking about it, too, but haven’t done anything about it yet. Will you share all your knowledge once you get yours up and running? 🙂

  5. Sarah says:

    I have been visiting all the elementary schools in the city nearest to me and I have come away completely depressed by the institutional architecture and the horrible “food” being served there! I guess I am passionate about good food, though I don’t love cooking. Definitely passionate about books, art supplies, and funny little things: stamps, pen nibs, shiny bits, tiny art.

    As for the shopper inadequacy thing, I have that problem at hair salons and spas, which is probably why I rarely go to either.

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