i was born to run

i was born to run, i was born to run, i was born to run. 

Oh hi!  If I repeat that enough it will become true I’m sure.  Brian and I have signed up to run a half marathon as part of our 20th anniversary celebration.  Most people do something like book a flight to Paris.  But that’s not how we roll.  We prefer to strap on some running shoes,  get our heart rates up, sweat profusely, laugh, cry, watch our entire lives unfold before our very lives as we suck wind,  swear we’re going to kill each other for signing up for this, and then cross the finish line 13.1 miles later.  And then, woo hoo, we’ll  pop open a beer and give each other a toast.  That’s assuming we both manage to get the training in and complete the event.

Born to Run is an excellent story.   Granted if you are not into running you will probably find much of the book uninteresting.  If you do run though it raises some interesting ideas about barefoot running.  It seemed to make sense and I’ve run a few laps around the track barefoot and it really felt good.  The other bizarre thing Brian and I are trying is chia seeds.  Apparently it is like a natural energy drink that the Tarahumara Indians of Mexico drink before they go running.  Before our long runs we stir up a concoction of chia seeds, water, lime juice, and sugar or honey.  The seeds form a gelatinous coating in the liquid and it is like drinking frog eggs.  YUM!  Has it made a difference.  Well I think so, but then again my mind can convince me of anything.   Like I’m pretty sure that $30.00 face cream I’m using is reducing the fine lines of aging….

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  1. ibbyskibby says:

    I keep telling myself I should get into running. That “merely” being a bicycle commuter is great for my heart, but oh, what about osteoporosis and the need for impact and weight bearing excercise. (now that I’m 34, I’m allowing myself to think about these things, apparently).

    Good luck with the training!

  2. HA! when i first red the title, i thought “oh, what a pity that I wasn’t!” *lol*

    thumbs up for your plans!

    🙂 nic

  3. Good luck with the marathon! I miss running (messed up my knees while still in senior school). Swimming doesn’t give you the same high (and has the disadvantage of having to wear a swimsuit in public…).

    Hmmm, I could do with some of that $30 face cream…

  4. jen says:

    run, run, run! it feels so good!

  5. simpledaisy says:

    Yes…my half marathon is 4 weeks away…yikes!! I am only up to 6 miles on my long runs! I just don’t enjoy distance running….Chia seeds, huh?!?! I have seen those all over the blog world but haven’t given them a try…I think I might given your thoughts on them:)
    My energy of choice are hammer gels!!!!!! instant energy….got me through a 75 mile ride and hopefully 100 this year!!!
    Take care and lots of luck with your half-marathon~~

  6. Patricia says:

    I’m super impressed with your training regimen. Even on the most gorgeous of spring days (like today), I have to force myself to get my gear on and start running. Once I start, especially now that I can strap my ipod onto my arm, it feels great. Now I’ll just think of you and Brian as I slip out the door, just relieved that I don’t have to drink frog eggs. 🙂

    Be sure to share your progress with us!

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