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  1. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, what can I say?..well, nothing of any importance. I think it is just for me…the memories of my own boys, the tears…just a few…but they are small droplets of joy…and this, don’t tell them, those handsome and beautiful ones here on your post, (and no listening from you, J)…time flies….it goes with the speed of light…look back and cherish all of your dreams and your beauty…you will do well and be blessed…but, one day you will wonder where this night went…..and you will remember it with joy, whimsical thoughts, and I hope love for who you were then and who you are.
    (are you, J., ready to commit me?). It makes sense to me, but then it is close to bed time and I have had three/3 glasses of wine. xoxo e.
    p.s..forgive me Miss C., my High School English teacher for my abysmal use of periods, slashes and run on sentences. I imagine that there are also some dangling participles, or perhaps plunging and suicidal nouns and vicious verbs.

  2. melinda says:

    Handsome and Lovely the lot of them, of course, ESPECIALLY so for your big M…
    (but where, oh where is his date’s cast?)

    P.S. Ellen, will you be my friend? I think I love you…you with your plunging, suicidal nouns and vicious verbs… : )

  3. ellen kelley says:

    Would you please tell Melinda that I would love to be her friend and that I will share all of my nonsense….I am also very good and accomplished with swear words. Go from A to Z, I can probably cover the alphabet.
    I can also…maybe, perhaps, most definitely cover the alphabet with good and loving words.

  4. He looks so handsome! Who knew they could actually get a vest that matched an orange dress?

    I’m glad to hear that they behaved (as far as you can tell) and that they had a good time.

    I have fond memories of such things. jj

  5. Leslie says:

    Oh, such fun! They all look so grown up. I hope they had an awesome time 🙂

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