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  1. jen says:

    what a wonderful list of goods to grow.

  2. My garden:
    various flowers
    a few weeds
    some straggly awful roses in the patch where I want to plant some vegetables, which my husband won’t let me dig up….

  3. melinda says:

    yummy yummy pictures!

    once again, everything about you rocks absolutely, even your garden photos oooze happy!

    so far I have only managed my “mandatory” meager herbs and a few brave shrubs that I procured at the local “big box store”…pathetic atttemps at landscaping the yawning mass of churt and red clay that is mine at present…

  4. Awesome photos!!!!!!!!!! Don and I both drooled over your talent last night. We need to improve our abilities now that we have this new camera of ours. I love the red cabbage or kale in this post….so stinking gorgeous, miss Jackie!!

  5. Leslie says:

    You have been busy and I am so envious! I don’t even have a single tomato plant in the ground. The weekends here have been cold and rainy and my garden is non-existent.

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