the cup

 My apologies for being so spotty lately re:  the blog.  Can you say Ass-Kicking Schedule.  Seriously ass-kicking (sorry again mom for the cursing).  I’ve been living out of my purse and vehicle, it feels like, for the past three weeks.  It’s a little hard to pack a desk top computer into your purse.  Someday a laptop with a wi-fi card …


The ball field, it’s one of the places I’ve had my butt parked for two-day tournaments, occasionally lasting 12 hours a day.  I have figured something out though during my time there contemplating several of life’s little mysteries.   For instance, baseball players and the way they are always adjusting their “stuff”.  You know what I mean.  We would go to the St. Louis Cardinal games and I would think to myself, “For Pete’s sake, what are you doing out there?  Are you making sure it’s still there?  Why are you always adjusting your stuff?  You are grown men, grown men shouldn’t be doing that in public!”  Well, mystery solved.  I’m sure you smart people already figured it out many years ago.  Not me.  It took sitting there at my son’s baseball tournament watching him adjust his “stuff” all day for it to make sense.  It’s the cup.   A hard, non-flexible piece of plastic that protects the “stuff” from hard-line drives, errant pitches and the like.  Apparently they can be rather akward and uncomfortable – who knew?  So, while I’ve covered some of the things that are challenging for us women, I do now realize that it ain’t all it’s cracked up to be being a man.  In fact when the season is over one of my sons plans on taking a hammer to his cup and smashing it to smithereens!  I say go for it.  It would probably feel as satisfying as a good bra burning.  just saying.

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  1. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, for heaven’s sakes. I am laughing my way through the house, while cutting up an eggplant (whoo hoo) for dinner.
    Such visual-ness from the cup master.
    Not my words, but:”It ain’t a Dixie Cup”.

    You have made my evening.

    xoxo e.

  2. tmi, jackie, tmi. some of us eat our dinner while reading blogs.


  3. ellen kelley says:

    It’s the Haiku Hyena again, aren’t you lucky?
    Pish, not so, but it makes me silly and happy. What could be better?

    Young men chase ball swift
    Hope rises in clear air base
    Joy smashing freedom

  4. melinda says:

    hey now, did you get permission to show his cup “for all the internets to view…?” : )

    p.s. instead of smashing it with a hammer, which I think won’t be very fruitful, as they appear to be rather indestructable (perhaps by design?), he should instead lovingly wrap it up and post it to jen…teeheehee!

  5. Will be smirking for the rest of the afternoon at thoughts of haiku poetry from your friend about balls, bra burning/cup smashing…and the rest of this hilarious post. xo

  6. I spent my time watching baseball games in bemusement, trying to pick up the rules, so that I wouldn’t keep yelling the wrong thing. I played rounders which is far too similar, so my expectations were all wrong.

    They call the cup a box in cricket…

  7. Before I read the post, I looked at the photos. I thought that thing was a weird bike seat. jan

  8. smoothpebble says:

    thanks for the haiku Ellen – those always make my day! And Melinda, no I did not get permission – shhhhh! Also I think your idea has great merit!! To send Jen a special care package – hahahahaha!

  9. Diane says:

    Over here I just went, “Ohhhhhhhh!” because NOW I get it. Thank you for illuminating that! And, you know, that is the most tasteful picture of a cup I guess I’ve ever seen… : )

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