and the kitchen sink too*

*or in this case the bathroom sink.  I keep messing with this photo because there is something I like about it.  It’s just an ordinary bathroom sink drain, and maybe that’s what I find appealing.  That I took a moment to notice something I don’t even register normally.  I think I liked the way the bubbles collected by the drain and the repetitious pattern of the circles.  I then layered a photo of creek ripples over the sink photo, and I liked the way it looks like the creek is in the drain.  And this just makes me realize that I need to evaluate how I spend my time and, hello, explains why I don’t get things done.

Here’s something that took me FOREVER to get done.  My Illuminated Phrase project.  The date on this is September, 2008 – that is damned embarrassing!  Please, let’s not talk about my major character flaw of meeting deadlines and being on time.  All I can say is I’m trying *stubbing toe in the dirt, tail between my legs*.   My phrase came about one day when Nate and I were having a conversation about eating at McDonald’s.  He told me that eating their food,  “Makes my breath smell like dead beetles.”  Yes Nate, that is probably just one of many side effects of eating that food.  I thought of some other things that could make your breath smell like dead beetles:  lying, gossiping, swallowing your emotions, saying something you wish you could take back.  I embroidered the phrase on the back of my art quilt.  When I finished the mini quilt I framed it in a $2.00 frame I got at the thrift store. 

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  1. ellen kelley says:

    You may or may not remember that I signed up for the Illuminated Phrase project. Mine never got off the ground! Maybe some day.
    I love your mini quilt..and the expression. I hope that long after you are gone, it will not end up at the Goodwill. Can you imagine someone in the far away future puzzling that out?
    (Those beetles are fantastic.)
    Your bathroom sink photos are great. I wish I had your skill with photography and your keen, artist’s eye.
    I know that you will be interested to learn what I did in the bathroom this morning, and what I keep dashing in to do now and then. (NO…not that kind of stuff!)
    I discovered a beautiful spider web in the bathroom window made by one of those spiders who spin those webs with the hole in them. I don’t know if they are trap door spiders, wolf spiders, or just Plain Jane spiders. But here is my fun Monday game…I sneak in, see the little arachnid balanced on that tunnel like opening, then I blow on it, and almost before breath has left me, bang, that spider is gone down the tunnel. If I count to 15, she’s out again and I get to keep on playing hide and seek! Talk about small minds! I will try to capture her and take her outside before I get tough with the big, bad vacuum cleaner. Now you know how much I have accomplished today! xoxox

  2. Hmmm….I know I did the illuminated phrase, but I have plumb forgotten what I did! Maybe a pen and ink drawing? And come to think of it, if I am remembering correctly, it was insect related as well.

    Your young un is quite poetic. I have never ever thought of anything that made my breath smell quite that bad. It’s about as descriptive as it gets.


  3. melinda says:

    hey, all deadlines are plus or minus 18 months, aren’t they?

    GOOD GOLLY it was worth wait tho’ wasn’t it folks???

    just plain ole’ awesome. that’s what it is.

  4. well. it’s about dang time! but worth the wait.

  5. threesneakybugs says:

    I love it! And I love that the saying is tucked in back where other don’t know about it. Like a secret. Gorgeous little art quilt. And I love how the beetles tie it all together. (don’t get me started on my own failures with deadlines)

  6. Patricia says:

    Completely worth the wait! It’s gorgeous.

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