paper anniversary

A friend is celebrating her one year wedding anniversary this month.  Traditionally the married couple would receive paper items for this anniversary.  It just seemed obvious that I should make them a papercut.

Another type of paper anniversary we celebrate around here – the end of school burning of paper.  Paper that includes unfinished workbooks, math pages, spelling and social study papers, all of the stuff that should have made it from the paper into the brains of my young uns.  A celebratory fire that marks the beginning of summer vacation!

Warning You – I lost the walls of me – dropped my scales of petal and thorn and into the empty room I ran sweet and wild like a child.

                                                                                         ~Jonathan Lewis

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  1. Sweet papercut.

    I like the idea of the ceremonial burning, but the sad truth is that I still have loads of old notes from MY school days. Apparently I am worried that someone might come along and want to test me on molecules or something…

  2. Meg says:

    Will you be selling that gorgeous papercut in your Etsy shop??? My husband has a love of giraffes and that is beyond perfect to give him for our anniversary! Oh pretty please?

  3. threesneakybugs says:

    Lovely paper cut. I’ve always adored the idea of giving presents based on the traditional list. And you of course, are perfectly suited to producing works of art in this category.

    Love your paper burning ritual to. Seth wouldn’t get it yet, but I’m tucking that one in my memory banks for future use.

  4. I so long for a book burning kind of celebration. Alas, I still have a fracking MONTH LEFT of school to go. jan

  5. looooove your papercut……
    and the idea of the ceremonial burning!!
    i’m so glad you visited. it’s always to great to hear from you 🙂
    and….thanks for the anniversary wishes. our fancy nite out really was perfect and such a great family time.
    happy summer vacation!!

  6. Leslie says:

    What a great idea…burning all those papers! Sadly, we can’t build a fire in our back yard 🙂

  7. knack says:

    ok your papercut is fantastic….of course….

    …and then the book burning is AWESOME!! when I get my fire pit we are so going to do that!


  8. Kara says: papercuts! I want to come down and make papercuts with you one of these days. I want to buy the one of the goat pulling the little kids that I saw in a recent post. I have recently decided that I want to be a goat farmer and then voila, you had a papercut with a goat. I think it is a sign..of what, I don’t know, but it’s a sign! Happy summer!

  9. Lea says:

    I don’t burn the paper left over, i methodically file and/or shred, with the kind of joy you can only have after finishing a class!

    Lovely papercraft…. hmmm….

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