Everett found a sweet little goldfinch, unfortunately dead, in our driveway.  We took a moment to marvel at its delicate features and beautiful coloring.  Hoping you will see something beautiful this weekend!

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  1. So sad and yet so perfectly beautiful! I got to go to Greenville last night and that was truly beautiful….especially the little wishbone cutting I saw on Barb’s inspiration board done by none other than, your talented self!
    I love it!
    happy weekend to you!

  2. Nature is so perfect in all its details.

    My son is supposed to tidy his room – if he does, that will be beautiful in my eyes…

  3. Leslie says:

    Oh, poor sweet bird. So pretty yet so sad to see it like this.

  4. I love gold finches. I always get excited when I see them. I’m so glad I didn’t find this one. jan

  5. wow. that is amazing.
    just the other day someone was telling me about the person, John (?) Audubon, the bird expert. And that he learned so much about birds by studying dead ones. That is of course the only way to get up close to them. I guess sometimes he killed them to do it. Sad, but we know what we do because of his work.
    What a gorgeous one you got to look at!

  6. knack says:

    oh boo….so sad that this little guy passed…..but it looks like it was a peaceful passing at least:)……..he is gorgeous!….love that yellow!


  7. Lea says:

    awee, it looks a lot like Gunder- minus his hair-do.

  8. simpledaisy says:

    Aww…poor little bird. I love goldfinches….they are such happy little birds.

  9. threesneakybugs says:

    Love that you took the time to examine it and see the beauty, even in death.

    Side note – adore your current banner as well.

  10. Randy says:

    The bird is not a Goldfinch it’s a Magnolia Warbler.

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