well, isn’t that special.

I have just spent an inordinate amount of time trying to upload a video of Dana Carvey as the Church Lady, without success I might add.  All to say that I’m on the search for some extra thick panty hose and a polyester dress suit.  A few weeks ago I started working part-time as the secretary at my church.  Obviously they did not do a thorough check on who they were hiring considering my proclivity for curse words.  And apparently they don’t know of the grave doubts I have about organized religion either.  Don’t get me wrong, Jesus is my man.  However, sometimes I wonder if church as it is today has anything to do with Jesus.  My husband and I often think to ourselves if we took all the time (think committee meetings, conferences, sitting in church, etc.) and money we give to our church and put those resources into immediate help for someone in need wouldn’t it be so much more effective and relevant?  What if instead of going to church we went to visit someone in the nursing home who never gets visitors?  or picked up trash along the highway?  or volunteered at a charitable organization we truly were passionate about?  Or instead of being asked to do more, contribute more, fit the mold, we were encouraged to spend contemplative time with our maker, or work on our relationships with each other, or, or, or…   Interestingly enough I also find more bread for my soul here and here and here than when I’m at church. 

Moving on to less weighty issues, the other day I was in the bookstore and instead of looking at the books as potential reading material I found myself drawn to the graphic design of the book covers.  I found myself wanting to buy them to start a collection of awesome book covers.  Then today when I was catching up on Pikaland she had a post about book covers.  So I guess rather than buy all those books I will just wander through these book cover websites. 

Hmmmmm, now there’s an idea for a creative challenge – design a book cover.  In a related note – music posters.  I just purchased this book and I am in LOVE with this guy’s design aesthetic!

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  1. melinda says:

    good stuff.
    all of it.

    (and you know, we’ve discussed my strong opinions on your musings that induce me to “leak” at my workplace…)

  2. Patricia says:

    I think you can be whatever kind of church lady you want to be. I’ve known some lovely ones. Church seems like any other community; the institution itself can get in the way of its original purpose, but there are moments of grace in the practice.

    I am in love with textures and dreaming about that saturated pool of color you get with silk screening. Sounds silly but I’ve been printing out some recent photos on photo paper on my own printer and loving the results.

  3. gonzomama says:

    i love your book style and those links. it will be a great way to lose some time tomorrow, browsing through those covers!

  4. I was thinking about similar stuff this morning in the shower – I was wondering how much of the church service and the rituals that go along with it would be recognised by Jesus and was wondering when certain elements got added in thoughout the years – and then why they added them in. I must admit, I would worry more about how people live their lives than about how often they go to church.

  5. Leslie says:

    Those book covers are awesome! (And I know you’ll do great on the job…but are pantyhose a requirement?)

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