The Big Apple

“Would you rather live in a hole in the ground or in New York City?” 

Answer:  “What’s the difference….”

“Would you rather have diarrhea every day for a year or live in New York City for a week?”

Answer:  “Have diarrhea every day.”

“I think New York City is overrated.”

So, it appears my children were not impressed with our trip into the Big Apple.  Granted it was a rushed one and a half day experience.  But I think my small-town, mid-western offspring are not going to grow up to be big city folk.  My experience of NYC was more a sense of frustration to not have the time to absorb it, or to take a small parcel of it and explore.  Plus both days we drove into the city from Long Island.  This trip was more overview than experiential.  Someday, maybe I’ll make it back and be more intentional. 

I did hate Times Square, but for someone with sensory issues this is what it was like.  People with normal stimulation intake might see it like the picture on the left.  For people like me it looks more like the picture on the right.  A crush of people, a hundred things competing for my attention, noise, etc. 

Last week I had a day at work that was full of interruptions, phone calls, people coming into the office, a ping-pong match between tasks (you know where you bounce back and forth between things without getting anything finished), got home and fixed dinner, and put out small fires for the kids and pets and the rest.  By bedtime I could literally feel every nerve ending in my body jangling.  I desperately needed a dark, quiet room without any movement or sensory input.  Anyway, that’s how an introverted, sensory sensitive person sees and deals with the world.  I wonder how other people sense the world? 

Over the next few posts I’ll be sharing snippets of our trip to New York.

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  1. maybe it’s like you love NYC or you either hate it… i hope you had moments to enjoy though. 🙂

    i love big cities. when our daughetr was born we moved from hamburg (which is quite a german metropole) to the countryside. hamburg is just a few miles away , but i miss it so badly. i miss the every-day big city. i really feel lost here in this smal town which will never ever become my home.

    i know that it is a good place for my daughter to grow up. that’s why i am hanging on.

    maybe that’s why we travel as often as we can. it helps me enduring these years of countryside living without “imploding” myself or something like that…!

    we’re going to fly to NYC in october. i know it will feel kinda “like home” when i wake up at night from the sound of the ambulances and police. weird… but that’s the way i feel about it.

  2. Leslie says:

    It’s been ages since I’ve been to NYC and I’d love to go. I’m not a lover of crowds but a short visit there would be so fun.

  3. New York is on the list of things that we want to see if we make it over to the East Coast – mainly because of the things that you feel that you ‘ought to see’. Other things on the list would probably be more my type of place, though.

    Yesterday was my nutty day. No chance of a quiet dark room, though: my husband was snoring…

  4. Patricia says:

    There is a NYC that I know you would enjoy, but definitely you need more time to find those places that feed your soul: The Strand, Kinokuniya, The Cloisters maybe? I’ve been finding that taking little trips into D.C. is about what I can handle, and maybe you need similar small doses of urban life. Your photos are amazing.

  5. we took our kids to nyc for the first time this summer, too….
    it would be hard to take it all in in a short amount of time.
    they loved it
    their favorite part was times square….which is certainly my least favorite part
    loving your photos of it all 🙂

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