battery recharge

A strenous four mile hike with the family and a well timed bottle of beer proved to be very restorative to my soul this weekend.  When the brain and heart are sending a four alarm signal that it’s time to take a sabbath – ignore at your own peril.  Well your own and all the people around you…grrrrrrrrr!!!

p.s. can anyone answer a quick  question for me?  If you go to eat at Subway does the bib of your overalls or your upper body tattoos count as a shirt? Or have you just violated my right to an appetite?

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  1. i’m going to manhattan in 2 days for a battery recharge. i love the great outdoors, but manhattan is what i need right now. i’m smiling a bit as i write this, after reading a few of your recent nyc posts…

    um, yeah, skip subway. the visual i have in my head ensures that i’ll never eat there again!

  2. Patricia says:

    Yup, that hike would do some good for me right now.

  3. Leslie says:

    Love these shots, especially the yellow mushroom…very cool! As for Subway, well, no thanks!

  4. great great photos….
    and my appetite would certainly have been lost….
    i have simple rules for my boys….wear a shirt when you are driving a car
    wear a shirt when you are eating a meal.

  5. simpledaisy says:

    Your photos are always so lovely!
    Earthy…..I feel like I am there….looking at all the loveliness:):)

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