We all have one.  A story I mean.  The lovely, and gracious Pat of zencrafting sent me this gorgeous felted and embroidered stone for my birthday.  She has created several of these, and most if not all have some kind of narrative attached to their creation.  She also sent me this altered moleskin so that I might have a place (besides here) to put my stories.

Feeling very intimidated by the blank first page I used a cheat of sorts, following a link from Leslie’s Facebook post.  I chose #82 from this list, and a prompt from this blog.

82.  I write this sitting in the kitchen sink.  ~ Dodie Smith   I Capture the Castle.

     “This place where I have spent hours upon hours over the years, filling the sink with hot water, pouring in the various colored viscous liquid soap – green, yellow, blue – smelling in turn of green apples, lemon, lavender. Sniffing the dish cloth to make a judgement, time for the laundry, or usable for another bout of friction among the cutlery.  I feel angry and spent, the emotions rising up in me like the steam above the billowing bubbles.  I am the side of the sink that accepts all the dregs and leftovers scraped with the harsh ringing of fork on china.  The dregs and leftovers scraped into it’s gaping maw.  The darkness under the rubber ring of the disposal matching the dark, swallowing place inside of me.  The rubber keeping all the wretchedness tamped down, keeping it from spewing back out when the grinding rage is set in motion as if by nothing more than a flick of a switch.”

One tiny paragraph in the story of my life…what would your paragraph say if you just sat down and wrote for 3 minutes?

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  1. Patricia says:

    Amazing. Inspiring. Jaw-dropping imagery. I risk sounding like a movie preview, but that piece of writing is all that. I really am blown away. And that was 3 minutes?!?!?! Gah. You should try NaNoWriMo with me, Katherine, and Aidan next month.

    Thank you for the beautiful photographs of the stone and moleskine. The two objects are in just the right hands.

  2. jen says:

    wonderful question! think i’ll try it out this weekend and see what it’d say.

  3. ellen kelley says:

    Oh, Dear God,
    Did you write this for me? No, I know..but it could be.
    This is beautiful and so bursting with feeling, imagery, and “filled up” feelings.
    We are, we are both sides of the sink, all of us.
    Love to you, e.
    p.s. I thank you for your honesty and trueness to yourself.

  4. Leslie says:

    Wow, Jackie, I love your honesty! You are talented in so many ways…and I’m glad you have this amazing journal to capture all your amazing thoughts. (Love that felted rock, too.) How fun to see what you did with the “first line” prompts.

  5. Jan says:

    Wow is right. Incredible imagery. Perfect. I know the exact feeling, and how wonderful of you to share it. I need to look at your photos — if you can do this with words, I bet you tell amazing stories with photographs. I’m glad the prompt helped. I’ve also found that three minutes of free writing first thing in the morning is very useful. Clears your brain for the day. And there’s something about knowing it’s just three minutes …

    And what fun to have a journal like that!

    Do you mind if I link to your post from the Creative Instigation blog? Your work might encourage others who haven’t followed the writing prompts yet.

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