Purl Soho

The one shop in New York City that I had a specific address for and that I was given just enough time to go into was Purl Soho.  I felt like a crafting zealot making a pilgrimage to the mecca.  I’m not sure what I expected exactly, but it was great fun to be in the shop and looking at all the raw material – felt, fabric, yarn, thread.  To see a bowl of Margie Oomen’s crocheted rocks, and a rack of Charlie Harper needlepoint designs.  I felt a little shy too and made no attempt to announce to anyone “Hello there, I read you all the time and I have a blog myself, where I occasionally break into creative song and dance!”  No I just quietly made a small purchase of purple embroidery thread plucked from a jar of purples, sitting on a shelf with other monochromatically categorized jars of thread.  Then smiling to my own little self, I walked out of the shop happily tucking my purchase and a sweet little business card (proof that I had made the pilgrimage) into my bag.

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  1. Leslie says:

    I’d love to visit that shop one day! Do you have plans for the thread or will you just keep it ’till the time is right?

  2. melinda says:

    so happy for you.
    *insert quiet yet gleeful smile for you here*

    I, sadly, did not get to this mecca of craft, even tho’ I was within “spittin’ distance” …(as we say here in the lovely Ozarks…do they say this anywhere else?)


    p.s. “…where I occasionally break into creative song and dance!”
    greatest. line. ever. : )

  3. I want to go there. My husband doesn’t realise that while I am talking of making a trip to the East Coast one day, that I’m thinking that at least some of our time WILL be spent in a fabric shop.

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