Day O’ Nate

A couple of weeks ago Nate had an incredible, very good, adventure-filled, very awesome day.  He’s been involved in the junior high, high-milage car team.  They will be building a car that gets us much mileage as possible per gallon of gas.  And then competing against other teams.  He is sitting in the car from last year where they had it on display for the community fall festival. 

 Then later that day he got to go on a free fly-in at the local airport.  He plans on getting his pilot’s license as soon as we give him permission.  I think you have to be at least 14.  (Or as far as I’m concerned 35!)  Good grief – do I not have enough gray hairs just from two kids driving cars???  Brian and I watched him fly off into the wild blue yonder.  I wasn’t nervous at all, huh uh, not at all…

And if that were not enough he got to drive the high-mileage car in the parade later that afternoon.  I have to say it’s a little thrilling to see him get excited enough about something to not mind getting out of bed, early, on a Saturday morning.

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  1. melinda says:

    all of it.
    even the “I WILL get my pilot’s license” part, as you see, he is not MY son…teeheehee.
    of course.
    Mother solidarity and all that…

    odd to see them grow up, huh?

  2. I don’t think that I’ll ever be ready for that day. My mum wouldn’t even take me out to practice driving when I was preparing for my driving test – she said that she had had too many horrifying experiences with my older brothers… My plan is to tell the kids that they have to pay for it all themselves – that might buy me a few extra months of peace of mind…

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