sky monster

I’m at work today, and don’t have my camera with me otherwise I would show you a picture of the office scissors and what happened to them. This is a cautionary tale – a very cationary tale!!
There is an old paper folder in the office. This thing is huge, takes up ginormous amounts of space, is heavy, old, and basically no longer functional. It sits on top of an equally old and disfunctional piece of furniture which is used to store paper for the copy machines. Since the cabinet is full of paper it is heavy and immovable. Well, I wanted to move the paper folder off the cabinet to use the shelf space, but it’s plugged in behind the extremely heavy cabinet. Now last week my co-secretary and I had this same conversation about moving the blasted folder. She came up with the idea of cutting the electrical cord, which I vetoed deeming it an unsafe thing to do. Well…she wasn’t here this morning, and in a brain fart moment I decided that, well, the thing is turned off so maybe it would be okay to cut through the cord. I had enough presence of mind to think about the fact that the scissors have plastic handles which would protect me in the event that this was a STUPID idea. Hello. Yes. Stupid. Idea. Picture it, me taking scissors to cord, cutting through the protective plastic layer, hitting bare wire with metal scissors, a halo of sparks flying around the room, a melted hole in the metal scissors, and the smell of burning and scorched metal and plastic, look of shock on my face, heart beating right out of my chest.
Today I’m grateful to be alive!!!

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  1. um, jackie?

    (jen is sitting at her desk, shaking her head.)

  2. ps. i’m grateful you’re alive, too.

  3. Whoa. I’m really glad that you don’t live in a 240V country…

  4. smoothpebble says:

    Me too Dawn, and yes Jen I know I’m shaking my head too! I could have been a burnt offering – hee hee, church humor – cracks me up everytime!

  5. ellen says:

    Sweet Heaven! Jackie, I don’t know whether to laugh or cry!
    You could have indeed been a burnt offering. It could have been your last supper and final cross to bear. Someone was watching out for you. I wonder Who?
    Don’t you ever, ever do something like that again!
    Love you, e.

  6. Patricia says:

    My mouth went dry reading your post. I’m SO glad that you’re OK. I don’t want to even think beyond that. This rough week has been put to bed; the next one will be better.

    I just listened to my meditation tape again on Friday. I seem to listen to the same part over and over again and get something different from it every time. The phrase I mentioned in my previous comment is “Be without anxiety about imperfection,” as in, be patient with the non-smoothness of life.

    Thanks for checking in. I’m sending lots of love your way.

  7. You are so good to admit such a thing. I certainly do dumb arse things too, but I’m likely to hide the caper as soon as tell it. You are brave. jan

  8. melinda says:

    so there’s that.

    brave brave human woman.
    I do so love you.

    but it must be asked…do your mancubs read your offerings here?…and have you heard the end of it yet?…

    or will this story become fodder for tales of adventure and lack of forethought told at the dinner table for generations to come… ?

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