santa’s elf and a little giveaway

I know that I am quite behind on answering emails and such, but I have been frantically working like one of Santa’s elves trying to get a few papercuts made and in the shop.  I’m not even thinking about Christmas shopping, taking a family photo, sending out cards, etc. or I’d probably have a panic attack.  We do have lights on the house and it is quite charming as it looks like Charlie Brown put them out.

I’ll be adding things to the shop as I get them finished, this house papercut is very labor intensive – in fact working on it I have developed what I call crazy eyes – that effect you get when you do close up detail work, then look up two hours later and find your vision is altered.   Next year I hope to be far more organized about the inventory in the shop, but this is a learning process for me. 

When I was creating this papercut I kept messing up because I was trying to do the lettering on the backside, which meant I had to write the message backwards and in a circle.  I got the lettering almost all cut out and then realized that the “v” in leaves was upside down.  Then when I cut out “You & Me” I realized that the ampersand was backwards so… I’m giving this papercut away.  If you like perfection obviously this giveaway is not for you.  If you find Charlie Brown things charming like I do than please leave a comment telling me one thing you are asking Santa for Christmas.  On Friday, December 10th I will randomly choose a number and send it off in the mail to you.

If you are looking for gift ideas here are some great places to look:

The real problem with all of these links is deciding whether you want to be honest, and admit that you are shopping as much for yourself as your friends and family.    : )

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  1. Rachel/justmakeit says:

    I don’t ask for Santa for anything, since we’re more hanukkah than christmas. But I’m hoping that whoever is in charge of the hanukkah sleigh knows that I’d like a bright, shiny new wide angle lens. (But I’m not holding my breath.)

    And may I say that all of your new papercuts and blowing me away? You have grown so much since I first encountered you on Flickr and now? My jaw’s on the floor. That house is about the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen, the way the smoke turns from solid into an almost Japanese-y pattern.

  2. ellen kelley says:

    You never cease to amaze me with the talent that is packed to the brim inside of you. I truly don’t think I could create the beauty and wisdom that overflow in your paper cuts.
    Love to you, e.

  3. jen says:

    wow. the swirls of smoke are mesmerizing!

    the shop thing: do what you want, not what you think people expect. and they will still come.

  4. melinda says:

    just going sit here in my ratty pajamas with my coffee and stare at your house papercut, so mesmerized by the awesome pattern and beauty, the rest of the day falls away.
    nothing is accomplished.
    but I”m still so entranced I don’t even care.
    not a bit.

  5. Patricia says:

    Amazing!! I think every bit of time you spend with your crazy eyes has been time well spent. So much care and craft and love in those swirls of smoke.

    If I have time to sneak in a letter to Santa, I think I would ask for a whole wall full of your papercuts. I just got the Tree Fern Snail framed and hung up last month. It’s right above my desk, and it needs company. 🙂 And if I could ask for one more thing, it would be creative courage, which your papercuts epitomize.

  6. MichelleB says:

    Your papercuts are just wonderful! I love them. I’m off to look at the sites you listed – after I get a fresh cup of coffee!

  7. Yes please! Pick ME. I love the little “error.”

  8. Mousy Brown says:

    I love things that aren’t perfect – even though that looks pretty perfect to me – as for Santa, I will be asking for some sleep and a lot of time with the people I love most….:D

  9. threesneakybugs says:

    Crap! I missed the deadline. This is why I shouldn’t fall behind in my blog reading.

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