write, stuff, lick, send

The week of January 9-15, 2011 is unofficially known as National Letter Writing Week.  By golly I almost missed it, but there’s still time.  Here’s where I could add a bunch of links and ideas, but all that’s really needed is pen and paper, envelope and stamp!  Go!  Make somebody’s mailbox happy!

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  1. Lori DeMoss says:

    Boy, don’t you remember how great it felt to get an honest to goodness letter in the mail?! It still does, but it doesn’t happen often anymore. I think I will go make someone’s mailbox happy…hmm…who will be the lucky person?

  2. Sara says:

    I just LOVE paper letters. My friend Alexis, who lives in San Francisco, and I exchange regular pen pal mail. I always worry that I’m just repeating myself, because I can never remember what I wrote in the last letter. Half the time she asks me questions in her letter and I completely fail to answer them in my reply. That never happens in email, but I’d much, much rather get her fancy paper letters. I save the reading of them as a reward. As in, I collect the mail on the way in with an armload of groceries, but I don’t dare open that letter until after the groceries are put away and I can really sit down and relax.

    In fact, I think I owe her one right now!

  3. amyks says:

    Oh darn, I missed it!

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