week of warm continued…


 There is nothing like January to make you start thinking of warmer days and food from the garden.  The seed catalogs have started to arrive, and I’m dreaming of fresh strawberries and peaches, red-ripe tomatoes and fresh green beans.   So, in a way I’m grateful for the snow and cold weather – it will only make spring all the sweeter!

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  1. Leslie says:

    Mmm, yum! That peach looks fabulous…I can’t wait!

  2. the peach shot is delicious!

  3. sara says:

    woman, you are on a roll! I ignore my google reader for a few days, come back, and am delighted to find all these gorgeous photos from you!

    I loved the chairs photo…for a second I wondered if I was on the right blog 😀

    I always love your big boy stories, too. My little fellow turns four next month, and I feel like the adventure is just beginning! Reading your thoughts on having boys makes me grateful to experience every stage, even the tough stuff.

  4. mcspannar says:

    as much as i will not miss high humidity, i will miss the tastes of summer. you have no idea how much peach eating you have inspired here with that juicy peach….. hmm is 10 pm too late for a peach……

  5. Am I the only miserable person that enjoys the greys, the chill, the wrapping up in layers and the warm fires of an evening?

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