I think winter’s snow storms are nature’s way of telling us to slow down.  Without a natural stop to life’s activities I tend to continue in overdrive.  Plus I do love dramatic weather so I am giddy with excitement.  (Check in a few days and I will probably be singing a different tune).  For now we have books, puzzles, a full pantry, electricity, an exercise bike, creative projects (see below) and we’ve figured out how to instant view netflix through the wii to our tv.  I know, the rest of the world figured out how to do that last year.  I might also get around to scraping off old wallpaper in the two bathrooms.  See the sweet floral paper in the next photo, well I am sick of it, sick, sick, sick…*hurl*

But, see the tee shirt I’m wearing – we’ve gone freezer paper stencil crazy around here.

the one on the left:  Marshall’s band tee, Kindergarten Kasualties.  the middle one:  my clouds and raindrops.  the one on the right:  Everett’s with his brother’s basketball number on it.  He’s Marshall’s No. 1 fan.  Marshall did the same for him during football.

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  1. ibbyskibby says:

    Ha! funny wallpaper. When I moved to Panama City Beach early this summer we had turquoise marbled wall paper with seashells all over. No good!

    I love the shirts. And the band name.

  2. your impending blizzard sounds so romantic, which is odd, coming from a minnesotan up to her ears in snow. hope the snowpocalypse is long enough to give you time to sit until you’re bored enough to rip off those flowers, but then magically, when you are done a few days later, the snow will be melting and it’ll be spring and birds will be singing.

  3. hope you keep enjoying your weather…and that it melts before you go crazy! glad you have plenty to keep you busy…
    and i love the tees

  4. melinda says:

    love the shirts!
    I wondered how that had turned out.

    what about that snow?
    a thing of wonderment it was yesterday to just watch it blow and snow and accumulate…

    headed to the office now to see if the sidewalks can be shoveled…

  5. Patricia says:

    Glad you’re all OK! I’ve been wondering how you’ve fared. We ended up with no snow, no ice whatsoever. Can you believe it? I was relieved; Aidan was distraught not having another snow day.

    I love how the t-shirts turned out! It makes a great excuse for a self-portrait.

  6. Leslie says:

    So I hope you survived! We got 8-10 inches and it was wild and crazy trying to keep up with the shoveling. Today is the first day school is back in session and my daughter is wondering WHY they are returning on a Friday 🙂

  7. knack says:

    hello, hello! It’s been way too long! 😦 I’m so sorry……BUT, I have loved catching up, and seeing what you and your boys are up to! Always something fun…..and I LOVE the tshirts! I love the band name …..that is so great…..what kind of music do they play? is there a you tube video?!

    I also love that the brothers support each other and wear the numbers… great!

    hope you are warm, and loving the snow still!


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