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  1. ellen kelley says:

    Love the snails and Community will be beautiful.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    I LOVE those snails! Love seeing the work in progress too – always so interesting to see how someone else works…think I might be checking out that shop update! 😀

  3. sara says:

    I love the snails!! I love them with rainbow trails, too.

    I checked over at your shop and want to order an anniversary papercut! My 5th anniversary is Saturday, so I know I won’t get it in time, but I can wait! I wonder about T-Rexes, with palm fronds at the bottom and plumes of volcanic ash? Email me what you’d charge to create something like that…
    God, that sounds dire, but this is the guy who sent me these:

  4. wonderful snails, jackie! the trails are a great touch… and seeing w.i.p is so exciting!

  5. Jan says:

    The snails are fun! I think you should do a series of sometype with them. If you were a jeweler, I’d say you should turn them into pins. They’re a cool design.

  6. Leslie says:

    Fabulous, as always! I love the colored snail trails.

  7. Lori DeMoss says:

    I LOVE the snails and their trails!!

  8. Wow. You know, I managed to cut myself using kid scissors just cutting the reply slip off a school letter yesterday… and yet you can do gorgeous work like that….

  9. Ayama says:

    simply stunning!

  10. Patricia says:

    Love the joy of those snail trails, and the spirals of the snail shells, and the happy plumes of smoke!! I am did a sketch tonight of a little community of houses. Maybe they could form a little township with yours.

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