diy printed stationery

A creative bomb went off in my house this morning!  I’ve been wanting to make some hand printed stationery.  So this morning I got out my block printing inks, some foam trays (that meat gets packaged with),  my exacto knife and my print making brayers.  I wanted my stationery to be all-purpose, so I just created a pattern of triangles, and cut them out of the foam tray.  The tray was a little larger than my blank note cards.

I also wanted a little reverse triangle design for the envelope.  So, I glued some of the cut-out triangles onto a small square piece of foam tray.

And then I went crazy and started printing them in bright spring colors.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Love them! They look like a whole party full of cheerful buntings!

  2. sara says:

    i wish i had you and jen to come south and be my creative-kick-start buddies.

    I NEED to do something fun like this.


    sara, you’ll have no problem getting me (and probably jackie!) down to florida come next february.

  4. melinda says:

    pure unadultrated awesome-ness-i-tude.

  5. what melinda said. and jen.

  6. Amyks says:

    Love those, so cheerful and springy!!!
    PS will send you an email soon 😉

  7. Leslie says:

    So cool! I need to take time for a creative project, instead of just reading about what other people are doing 🙂 Once we get past graduation I hope I can get back to some more “create just for fun” time!

  8. Regina says:

    Love these!! I’ve been thinking about new stationary as well. Great idea.

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