ouch, my eyes

THE SUN IS SHINING TODAY!!!  I feel like a cave salamander who has come to the surface, squinting against the bright light…do cave salamanders have eyelids?  Well, no matter I’m just happy, happy, happy to see some sunshine.  I’m melancholy enough as it is preparing for Marshall’s graduation.  I was counting on the teenage years being tougher so that I would be ready to get rid of the kids, but they aren’t cooperating.  Instead they are doing crazy stuff like thanking me for making breakfast, actually agreeing to friend me on facebook, and putting their laundry up.  What the hell?  So, now I’m going to have to pack a box of tissues for graduation…

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  1. ellen kelley says:

    Hooray for sunshine and the greeney-ness of grass. There is nothing better.
    Mark my words, buy lots of kleenex. It does work a lot better than toilet paper, and is much classier.
    Love to you in these busy and bittersweet times.

  2. Patricia says:

    So sorry to hear that the boys are not cooperating, what with their good behavior and all. Just like that darn old sun shining when you least expect it.

    Love you!

  3. yay for sun! it’s here today, too! april was one of the greyest months ever. it’s true, i heard it on the radio.

    so glad those boys have come to their senses!

  4. kristin says:

    HA!!! ditto! (on the sunshine, i’ve years to go before even thinking about graduation…)

  5. Yep, if you are anything like me you will bawl your eyes out when they graduate. But the real tears come when you drive away from the college campus and leave them behind for the first time. It does get easier though, and soon you will be happy that they are working hard and on their own. But you’ll also be really happy for summer break to come around!

    Enjoy that sunshine!

  6. wonderv says:

    Just know that even if they were ungrateful, slobbish, slacker, curfew busting jerk-faces, you will still need those extra absorbent tissues. (Note that I say this while my girls are safely in middle school and do not envy your sitch.) I recall my mother laying a suffocating wet hug on me when I graduated. Many years later when my baby sister graduated (12 years younger) I had this ridiculous wombat like ear-to-ear painful smile and hugged her in the same wet any airless-for-her way.

    Just love that you obviously did a good job…hopefully good enough that they will be wildly successful and remain good guys and financially reward you for a job well done! Don’t want financial rewards? Plane tickets and resort reservations aren’t exactly “financial gifts”, per say…just gifts of good health and relaxation, not to mention a chance to give your camera a good workout!

  7. I don’t even want to think of when that day comes. My kids certainly don’t put their laundry up, but every week or so I still find myself feeling panicked that it’s all going by way too fast…

    Which makes me wonder what sort of kid I was that my parents happily spent most of MY teenage years off playing round after round of golf without me…

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