sky lanterns


We celebrated N.’s 13th birthday on Sunday.  Sky lanterns were part of the festivities.  Wow, we got 16 for $37.00, but I see from the link that the price has doubled.  WTH???  Anyway, they were magical!

I’m feeling an itch, and I don’t think it’s chiggers or mosquitos.  I think it is an itch to be back in this space…



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  1. poetsplace says:

    Yay! Hope to see you back again soon!

    I didn’t even know those sky lanterns existed.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    Good! (Love the photos!) 😀

  3. Simple Daisy says:

    I love…love…love sky lanterns!!! Our friends light them up over their lake! So pretty to watch them go:)

  4. the first time i saw sky lanterns was this past new year’s eve. i was out walking the dogs, and one went by. i had no idea what it was, but then 2 more floated past, and i googled “fire” and “lantern” when i got home. think i’ll make them my new year’s eve activity, too.

    i see you poking around the interwebs here and there, and it’s always so good to see you, wherever you are!

  5. threesneakybugs says:

    Super duper fantastic! The photos (especially that 1st one) and the lanterns. I totally just went and put those on my wish list.

  6. wonderv says:

    I was just thinking about you yesterday while I was looking through my Etsy activity! So glad to see you here again! Those lanterns are ridiculously awesome! Congrat’s to little guy’s becoming a teen!

  7. Happiest of 13th bday to N. It is a monumental year.
    Being the recluse and backwater person that I am, I had never seen, nor heard of sky lanterns. They are indeed magical, perfect and wonderful. Wow.
    Now, I say…scratch that itch and get back when you want. You are so missed.
    Love, e.

  8. Ayama says:

    😀 lovely to see you back. those lanterns look like a ton of fun. and wow nate is 13. many returns young man.

  9. Sara says:

    I had those candles at my birthday party. In fact, I think I’ve used them for everyone’s birthday for a few years. I love them. It’s nice to see your lovely photos!

  10. I was just checking in to see if you had returned…and here you are! Wonderful pictures – I have also never heard of sky lanterns, but it looks like fun.

  11. melinda says:

    you’re baaaack!

    Maples5 have great love for the sky lanterns.
    we tried them at the beach (like in all the movies) but no dice due to mighty wind…(stupid movie magic!)

  12. Shawn says:

    Sugar Lips…LOVE the sky lanterns! Will have to give them a try! You used the perfect work …”magical”! Oh how the girls would love them! Can’t wait! Miss you friend! still working towards a gathering point after the school year begins! In need of connecting with you! Love you dearly friend! Blind Girl

  13. Patricia says:

    Yay, you have returned! And, yay, for that itch to be here, and create, and share such a magical moment. Did you see the movie Tangled? There was an extended scene in which thousands of lanterns float up over the city and lake, and my first thought was, I want those! I have been thinking of you lots and would love to comment more, but I am in packing, sorting, cleaning hell and this is a stolen moment. Sending you cool thoughts and some of this torrential downpour. xoxoxo

  14. (ps. I’m glad that your break lasted less than my lazy take the summer off blog stuff time)

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