magnolia warbler

I posted these pictures back in May of 2010.  Just the other day I got a comment on the old post correcting my identification of this bird.  I just assumed it was a goldfinch, you know because of the gold coloring, and the fact that we frequently have goldfinches around here.  But it is not a goldfinch, it is a magnolia warbler, as my commentor stated.  Just want to set the record straight for all of you budding ornithologists.

And yesterday I did something that I must incorporate more often.  I did a backwards to-do list.  I had reached the end of the day feeling overwhelmed by what I had not accomplished.  That icky feeling of being inadequate was starting to attach itself to me.  I decided to outsmart my emotions with truth.  I listed all of the things I had accomplished that day.  As the list grew longer I was stunned to realize that, indeed, I am a hard worker that gets things done.

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  1. wonderv says:

    That was very wise of you, outsmarting that vile little doubting voice in your head! She was a jerk anyway! We are very busy and get a lot of things done, whether that one or two items gets marked off or not. Congrats, you busy little magnolia warbler!

  2. melinda says:

    magnolia warbler is ever so much more fun to say than goldfinch, anyway.

    and you ARE a mighty worker who gets things done!

  3. Wow. I’d have never known. All yellow birds are goldfinches in my verrrrrrrrrrrrrrry limited ornithological experience. I agree with Melinda though. It is more fun to say warbler.

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