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By jove I think it cooled off just for me!  Mother Nature knew it was my birthday today and she decided to dial down those temps.  We’ve gone from almost 100 degrees to the upper 60’s.  I’m pretty sure I’ve heard the flora around me heaving a big green sigh.

On the agenda today.  First and foremost  – whatever the heck I want to do!  After I run 6 miles (I have to prove to my aging self that I’ve still got it) I think I will watch a movie and work on the quilt.  Then I think I will putter, dilly dally, daydream, doodle, fiddle, goof around, tinker, and dawdle the whole rest of the day.  aaaaaahhhhhhhhh – that’s me heaving a big green sigh.  

beet juice doodle circa 2010

sidenote:  I must confess that even though no one is asking my age I have felt a great hesitation in sharing how old I actually am.  Because I’ve become old enough to think that if I told you how old I am you would dismiss me as irrelevant, and incapable of being hip (as if that was ever a label that applied to me).  I’m sure it has a lot to do with all the messages that women (& men too) are bombarded with that tell us only the young and beautiful have lives worth living.  So, in defience of that crock of b.s. I’m going to confess celebrate being 48!!  And if you do think I’m an old geezer please don’t leave a comment…: )  Actually, the term my kids use is geezer plus.  Boy, won’t they be surprised when the geezer plus kicks their butts.

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  1. oh happy day! i’m going to wish you a happy day in all means possible. and i hope i’m as active and awesome as you at 48! you are an inspiration. xo

  2. Phoe says:

    Happy birthday!

  3. Sara says:

    Happy birthday to you!

    I try to remember, when I’m worried about aging, that I was not expected to live past infancy. I was born with some invisible birth defects and spent those first few weeks in an incubator. By some miracles of medicine, I lived, and reproduced! I am grateful to celebrate birthdays.

    Because I am a human being, I will admit to the boob job I got this summer. I can’t quite believe I did that. The paradoxes of self-love and -loathing and living and growing.
    Sara (age 36)

  4. Nancy says:

    Happy Birthday, Jackie! 48 is the new 24!!!

  5. Happiest of birthdays, dear one. From my vantage point, 48 is akin to being a spring chicken. I have to admit that revealing my age is a very scary prospect.
    I’ll fess up this coming January. I do agree that our society does dismiss people as they age, especially women. We just aren’t visible, nor are we viable at times.
    That said, I am hoping that your day was wonderful and that this year will hold many, many joyful moments for you.
    You make the world a better place for being in it. You enrich the lives of many people and I am grateful to have you in my life.

  6. amyks says:

    happy belated birthday! I hope you were able to spend it exactly as you wanted!!
    Hugs across the miles.

  7. wonderv says:

    The hotty in that picture is NOT a Geezer, plus or otherwise! They might just be surprised when their friends start having crushes on “the geezer”! LOL!! Happiest of birthdays! Enjoy!

  8. Patricia says:

    I like the wisdom that is slowly (really slowly, for me) accruing over the years. I like the subtle softening of my face that each year brings. I like, even though it scares me sometimes, that I look more and more like my grandmother every year. I like how your birthday surprises me every year and makes me marvel that we have celebrated another year of friendship. I hope you had the most relaxing and fun birthday ever. xoxo

  9. kristin says:

    i love (love,love) that you choose to begin your day with a run…you do kick some butt woman…more power to you!! and age? it’s just a number. hope you had a fabulous birthday. wishing you all the best in this 48th year!! sending lots and lots of love. xxx

  10. Hope it was an amazing day! xoxo

  11. Ah, I’m so late on the blog catch up… Happy belated birthday!

    I’m 34. My joints think that I am 80. My inner-dialogue thinks that I am 21. My lifestyle thinks that I am 60. My dress sense thinks that I am 15 – but not today’s version of 15. My kids think that I am 90. My dad thinks that I am 14. I haven’t run 6 miles since I was a teen…

  12. kristin says:

    never would have guessed 48. you are rockin’!
    i turn 40 this feb and somehow i feel ready for this new decade. maybe even more ready than i was to greet 30 10 years ago…

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