the day the world changed

I spent some time on Sunday watching the coverage of the 9-11 anniversary.  It brought back so many images and memories.  Prior to that day New York City seemed like another country, but as the tragedy unfolded New Yorkers were my neighbors, my countrymen, my people.  I remember being unable to pull myself from the tv, and lamenting “no, no, no, no, no” as first one tower and then the next collapsed.  I remember in the days following how eerie it was to look up into the sky and not see one single contrail from an airplane flying overhead.  I think we were all in a state of shock at how vulnerable we were as a country.  Looking back at the last ten years I felt amazed at the ripple of consequences that event has since unleashed.  And how much the world has changed in a decade.  I wish that I could say I felt wide open and unafraid today.  But the bitter ash of those events feel like they are still coating us today.

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  1. wonderv says:

    It is rather surreal. I have mixed feelings about commemorating a day like this, though. Sort of like Pearl Harbor. I kept seeing images of people who were hurt and eventually died, or who were pulled out already dead and thinking, “Would this persons wife really want to see these pictures? What about this persons mother.” I question who we give our power to when we set aside an annual day to mourn. It isn’t a non-patriotic feeling, and maybe it is important to be reminded that we all did pull together during that time. I’m so confused!

    Beautiful post, Jackie!

  2. I think that in some ways terrorism always does win to a degree, because it robs you of an innocence that you do not get back. I think that ever since when I was a kid and went through my first evacuation thanks to an IRA bomb threat I’ve viewed the world through different eyes: the awareness that people are willing to hurt in a fairly random way. Even when the troubles died down I would still be wary of an unattended bag etc. Now my kids are having discussions about 9/11 at school and seeing my sadness and I wonder how much of their innocence is already lost

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