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When it comes to DIY I am in the front of that parade.  How about you?  But there is a curse to doing it yourself.  You bookmark oodles of tutorials, and crafty inspiration because in your mind, you can and you will make that.  Right?  You also think, wow, if I do it myself I will save money.  Right?  Hmmm, how often do you actually get around to making the things you’ve pinned or faved or bookmarked or printed off or saved to your computer? 

For example, for months now I’ve been wanting to make my own handmade business cards.  My reasons; a. I am capable of doing it myself.  b.  I would save money, because having business cards printed costs more than if I would just make them myself.  c.  I could upcycle and use the backsides of cereal boxes, packages, etc.  which would be a really eco-friendly way to accomplish my goal.  However, if I would have just had the darn things printed I would actually have them in hand.  As it stands now, I just have them in mind.

“Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good.”

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  1. for me, when ideas are swirling and i’m surrounded by inspiration, i just let it continue to move and circle until one option presents itself as “the one”. i know that sounds probably too simple and easy, but i can’t make anything until i know for sure it’s the direction i should go.

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    Oh yes! and that perfection quote – Thank you!!

  3. wonderv says:

    It’s like you snuck into my craft closet/computer/pile-o-fabric stash in my sewing area/my sewing area/all over my house and told my story! I have become more of a realist these days and know I am a better thinker than a doer, but occasionally things still creep in. Like the antique leaded glass decorative window that will look AMAZING above the 100 year old wavy glass windows I bought with the intention of making them into totally awesome upcycled picture frames, even though either piece individually is too big for the home I currently live in to display. Oooh! You need a craft Ninja! I will get right on it!

  4. batspit says:

    I’ve been teased for having made my own business cards. Still, I’d rather not spend money on something I ENJOY making…. you enjoy it, right? The thinking and planning as well as the doing? Let your brain be as cluttered as my fridge- the more ideas you have the better 😉

  5. Well, I just don’t have an answer.
    I used to do “it all” many years ago. When my boys were small, when there was no money, when there was not much time.
    Now there is not a lot of money, but enough, there is time, and the boys have grown. I just don’t know why.
    I’d like to reinvent myself before it’s too late.
    I think that you are marvelous with your creativity and all that you do.
    Perhaps, we need to be kinder to ourselves?

  6. Regina says:

    I so know what you mean about DIY projects and ideas and the issue of completion. If I only had time on my side. 😉

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