clay ornaments

Do you know what you’re looking at here?  It’s something inside of you.  No, really.  It’s a human cell.  Well, Nate’s model of a human cell.  Okay your human cells aren’t made of air dry clay, but they do contain all of these different parts.  And guess what?  It’s due today and he left it sitting on the dining room table…hmmmmm, what to do? what to do?  Do I let him take the consequences or do I extend grace to him?

Well, aside from that dilemma (I’m leaning towards grace), I used the air dry clay to make some holiday ornaments.  If you do this, my suggestion would be to make sure your holes are big enough before the clay drys, because this clay is kind of fragile and crumbly.  Several of my little tabs broke when I tried to string them.  But I didn’t have a lot of time invested in this project (that’s how easy it is), so it was not big deal.  I also used an emory board to smooth the edges once they were dry.   We used Crayola air dry clay.  I saw the idea on a tutorial, which for the life of me I can’t remember where.  They had used this snowflake stamp set.  (If anyone else knows this diy link let me know so I can properly credit it)  I’m determined in my holiday handmaking to mostly use the things I have around here.  I happened to have a star stamp, and I used a toothpick to make the other star design.  This would be an easy project for kids, but don’t count on these to make long lasting mementos.  My guess is that over time they would probably fall apart.  

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! 

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  1. i think i have some paper clay in a baggie at home, and now i wanna play with clay! in my ample amounts of free time! happy thanksgiving, jackie. i wish i had your grace.

  2. amyks says:

    Love the ornaments, they look so fantastic & I am sure you took your son’s homework in for him because as much as you may want him to face the consequences, we all know how crazy those last minutes of trying to get out the door can be.

    Happy Thanksgiving! Are you hosting or are you going to be a guest?

  3. melinda says:

    I’m sure you went with grace. Grace is good. Really good.
    (…been really loving the grace on this side of the county, and so thankful for it)

    and super cute ornaments…College Boy got you inspired, huh?

    : )

  4. sara says:

    Did you let him panic a little and call you from the school phone?

  5. Grace is good. I need to practice and embrace it more.
    I have not been very good at it computer has been acting up again. No back button, no nothing.
    Sending love and good thoughts for this Thanksgiving. Grace to all and love as always.

  6. wonderv says:

    So cool! I have been pondering my Christmas Craft (not like it’s a ritual thing we do every year, but I have so much crap around, I might as well use it, right?) and think that I will draw from my fabric stash (which is a MAJOR part of my pile of crap!) and make cinch sacks to use as gift bags. Not highly original, but something, right?

    Love your tags! I would do something like that if I had the space to leave things out. Space….ah, to have space….

  7. Elise Jeffery says:

    I think the original DIY link you might be looking for is from Sania Pell?

  8. Eleaca Young says:

    I love those ornaments.

  9. JW says:

    Awesome! Fine work!

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