naughty list


I’m feeling a little naughty because I took advantage of Cyber Monday to purchase things for myself.  A new winter coat, 30% of the already reduced sale price, plus free shipping.  New running shoes, last year’s model, free shipping.  And also because my new Kindle Fire arrived and I feel like a kid at Christmas.  That’s part of the dilemma of Christmas shopping isn’t it?  That temptation to buy things for oneself.  Best of luck in making it to the nice list.

My Naughty Wish List

Truthfully I don’t want much of anything, but it is fun to just dream a little.

and here is the link to the clay ornaments tutorial.

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  1. love your naughty list! i hope santa brings at least a couple of the naughty items to you! bravo on the cyber monday deals! i totally forgot to shop yesterday. yes, despite all the hype, i forgot. i also didn’t have a list, either, so that’s part of the forgetting part.

  2. sara says:

    I have nice nails, but never, EVER have the patience to paint them. But here’s a cool thing for when, you know, I progress beyond one coat of one color.

  3. ellen says:

    Good for you times 100.
    I’ll take the date book, the apron, the buttons, the linens, and Mais Oui, the barn house.
    I will not take the boulders…I have dust bunnies that size…and I will not take the necklace as it would draw attention to my deteriorating neck (why would anyone want to accentuate anything that resembled a leftover turkey part?)… and I have long ago given up painting my short as short can be nails.
    It is good to love yourself and have treats now and then…and you deserve it, dammit.
    xoxo, e.

  4. wonderv says:

    Oh, indulge, baby girl! If you don’t do it, who will!

    But I did notice, while paging through your naughty list that a couple of these items have sold….? Hopefully you either helped Santa get exactly what you wanted, or one of your readers is into bad girls! LOL!

  5. Patricia says:

    Oh, you are so NOT naughty! I like the way you’re thinking here, communicating your wishes. Otherwise, how would people know??

  6. Jan says:

    I rack up a lot of points with my credit card and spend it joyously. It’s like little gifts from Santa. Freebies that I can splurge on myself guilt free. Yippee!

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