de-stress with a little holiday fun

I found this humorous.  And humor is a great thing when trying to accomplish that Holiday check- list.  Speaking of check-lists here is my shopping list for idiots (ala this video):

1. Fudge ripper
2. Scab vent
3. Nose Camo
4. Joke meter
5. Gerbel socks
6. Glow in the dark t.p.
7. Tree ointment
8. Baked goods glue
9. Time release cat litter
10. 3 in1 condiment packets

Thanks Lea for this!  And if you come up with your own idiot list – please share.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. THAT….was awesome, Jackie! HA! Ankle grease…I just tried to find that at Target last week…guess what. They don’t have it! i am going to have to think about this one and make my own list…thanks!

  2. Sara says:

    Falling asleep last night I thought of a few…
    Ergonomic scarf
    Fuzz tumbler
    Zipper keeper
    Electronic detangler
    Doggie nose gloss
    Slug habitat

    And some more today…
    Dandelion clamp
    Laundry tents
    Switch tester
    Toilet muffler
    Sidewalk grit

    But your 2, 5, and 7 might be my favorites

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