Manifesto 2012

Do the healthy thing!  I will make good choices to the best of my ability.  And when the inevitable mistakes happen I will own them, but not let them define me.

I had planned on making a series of flowcharts for my categories of healthy things:

  • spiritual health – my relationship with God
  • physical health – how I treat my body
  • mental health – listening and trusting my inner voice
  • relationship health – choices that add to relationships rather than take away from
  • spatial health – my surroundings, and whether they bring me joy or frustration.

The flow chart was going to have YES or NO choices – YES for those things that are healthy for each category, and NO for those things that aren’t healthy.

For example:  Mentally Healthy –  YES – carving out time for myself, and my creative needs.  NO – taking on other people’s agendas.  YES – learning something new.  NO – spending 3 hours on the computer for inspiration.

Spiritually Healthy – YES – taking time to pray and meditate.  NO – becoming so busy working for God that I don’t take time for God.  YES – being grateful everyday.  NO – grumbling and complaining.

Anyway, you get the idea.  And making flow charts fell under the NO side of things.  This manifesto feels less like a resolution to me, and more like empowerment.  Oh, and my apologies already to my husband (I’m sorry, please forgive me.) for making poor relationship choices lately.

5 Comments Add yours

  1. ellen says:

    It is a beautiful manifesto. I would definitely vote NO concerning flow charts.
    That would take all of the joy away.

  2. ibbyskibby says:

    Ha! Good for you on axing the flow chart. That’s like having a spreadsheet to track the joy after you’ve experienced it!

  3. Yeah, kudo’s to your subconscious for deciding that making a physical flow chart was a “no”…me thinks the mental/virtual kind should work out just fine! Congrat’s to you, honey! I am taking your action as an inspiration!

  4. leacayoung says:

    I do kind of do this too. I call them clusters. Helps me stay focused.

  5. Phoe says:

    I need a big fat no on my online “inspiration” time. I need to stop wasting time trying to find something to be inspired by and just get down to working.

    Wonderful manifesto though. Such a positive beginning.

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