I’ve finished these two papercuts and plan to post them in the shop.  I think I’m all done, but then I start messing with colored papers, and then I’m confused.  But I think I’ll stick with the black house on white paper, and the white house on gray paper.

Oh, and last week I did sit on my couch until I had finished all three books in the Hunger Games trilogy.  Now I’m digging out from my sheer decadence…

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  1. Lori DeMoss says:

    WOW! Those look extremely complicated and are absolutely beautiful!

  2. Mousy Brown says:

    I just read the first book in one night – can’t wait to get back to the library for the other two now…
    I love the white house on the teal colour, just saying… 😀

  3. kristin says:

    these are jaw-dropping jackie! all those perfect and tiny curves just give me goosebumps. i really don’t get how you do it. i’m kind of digging the white on Kraft paper…but that goes with my love of white stitching on natural linen.

    sheesh. we’re not exactly helping with the indecision, are we? xx

  4. Patricia says:

    Whoa! I was running around all day yesterday and just caught a glimpse of the stunning images on my phone, and I was dying to get back to the computer to see them on the big screen. I LOVE all of the colors. My first love reaction was to the gold background, but then on the big screen the pink is just scrumptious. Could I get one of each printed out as cards?

  5. Phoe says:

    Those are gorgeous!

  6. They’re so beautiful! Yes, I think that pink and yellow don’t give quite enough contrast, but the green and the Kraft don’t look too bad. The grey and the white backgrounds do look the best, though.

    How you manage these intricate designs is beyond me.

  7. Yay, YOU!! Glad you got some good quality couch time. When you think you have over indulged, just remember that your grey matter was getting a great work out!

    At first, I was loving the white on black, too…but there is something about that gold paper you have! I know it doesn’t have the mass appeal that the neutrals would, but I love it. You are so cool!

  8. amyks says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!

  9. ellen says:

    Jackie, catching up here slowly. I think they are all beautiful, tho. I probably prefer the darker backgrounds. I truly cannot fathom how you do such intricate and complicated cuts. My fingers ache just contemplating all of that work. Wow!

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