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  1. ellen says:

    You mean we are supposed to have a tradition at Chez Kelley? I guess the tradition is No Tradition.
    Sending you great big hunks of love your way, e.

  2. ibbyskibby says:

    I used to buy myself new lingerie, whether I could afford it or not, and regardless of relationship status. Don’t quite know when I fell out of that habit? Perhaps it was after one year when “couldn’t afford it” meant “perhaps I should really buy the oatmeal instead, and if feeling flush with funds, perhaps some luxury raisins to last a few days”

    I also seem to have a tradition of forgetting to make reservations anyplace for dinner and just making General Saute (that’s a mix of anything in the fridge sauteed in butter or olive olive oil and served with a spinach salad) followed by a fun run (this is not for me. I don’t run; but rather for the dog’s sake, complete with frisbee and tree pee).

  3. no tradition, really. maybe one day that will change. i hope you had a wonderful day! xo

  4. Mousy Brown says:

    It’s the only day of the year we buy microwave food….so we both get a night off cooking without the silly Valentine prices (and embarrassment of eating out!). Last night was tapas and a movie on the tv (holding hands) simple but it has worked for the last 25 years so I think we will carry on!

  5. Going out to dinner, all 4 of us, and it has been sushi the past 2 years! Makes it quick and simple, low pressure on Good Old Dad, who is about as romantic as ,,,, someone who is REALLY not romantic….

    Love your pretties! Congrat’s on the new drawers, too!

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