not ugly beautiful just ugly

My little town would never have won an award for quaint villages, but since the economic downturn it has become rife with abandoned and neglected properties.  I’m not sure why, but I felt compelled to photograph some of these places.  They exude a sense of despair, and create in me a sense of discomfort and irritation.  These are just the tip of the iceberg, I could have taken 100 such photos.

“The contemplation of things as they are without error or confusion without substitution or imposture is in itself a nobler thing than a whole harvest of invention” ~Frances Bacon

I don’t know if it is noble or not, especially when it makes me hate the mean, dirtiness of this town.

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  1. Lori DeMoss says:

    It does make a sad statement about our town. On the individual level there is no telling what is behind the sad state of ‘home’. Is it true poverty? Is it laziness? Is it a greedy landlord willing to take the rent but not maintain the property? Under tough circumstances could that be my situation down the road? It is ugly and scary and for some it is reality.

  2. batspit says:

    It looks like two of those houses have occupants that gave up, more than had to move out… either way it’s gross.

    and i’m going to sweep the porch now…

  3. ellen says:

    I have to come back tomorrow. I have to give a big think about this. Something here is overwhelming, something here is …beyond whatever I can say.
    Love to you forever, e.
    I do see despair. Oh, the worst.

  4. kristin says:

    this is so sad jackie! i just can’t imagine. the house next to my home foreclosed last fall and sent a good family away…to i don’t even know where. the sense of loss is so intangible, while the house is not in disrepair, it remains empty, and that emptiness leaves a shadow of sadness.

  5. applecyder says:

    There is a house in our town that is dilapidated and my kids love it, for some reason. No one has lived there for a while. My kids call it the “broken down house” and they point it out every time we drive by. I have been meaning to take photos of it because I feel like it has a story and it also has kind of become part of my kid’s childhood, in a way. Just the other day, I noticed signs for a contractor so I am guessing it will get torn down. I’d better get over there with the camera soon.

  6. This does hurt…especially these are right in the middle of the era of architecture I LUV! Wish I could put a healing hug on the yellow one in particular. I get the same sense of anger and disdain when I drive through South City in St. Louis with all of its amazing stone and brick work, you just KNOW there are crown moldings and beautiful floors under layers of linoleum and ancient shag carpet, and the side of the whole building has fallen off because no one bothered to clean the gutters and the foundation rotted away. I feel your pain, sister!

  7. Our little town has more than its share of homes like these too. Sadly many of them are still occupied. A statement of our economy I’m afraid.

  8. Debra says:

    I have the same problem. I can’t stop taking pictures of old, broken-down sheds in the alleys around my house and of the fences that are just remnants of their old selves.

  9. heather george priebe says:

    Jackie, what is so sad about this, is the city allows it. There are “landlords” that can afford to take care of these homes and they choose not to and when no one enforces it they will continue. There is one on the way to my parents house that has been empty for more then 2 years. The windows have been broken out, the roof is falling in. Why is it allowed to stay? I bet you would find most are owned by the same people.
    Thanks for posting!

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